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Everyone it's Martin from twenty minutes fitness. Today we're having actually a remote interview with Adia. Righty from TONAL AT A. We have been talking before last year in May but for the listeners have not had the chance. Listened to that podcast. We're GONNA make sure that episode awesome to our show notes. Why don't you just say a few words about who you are? And what total is Yeah Martin. Thanks for having me back on the show. I'm the founder and CEO of Ohio and tunnel is a connected streaming system for the home so it's a digital strength training machine that's versatile enough to support Every single movement that you would do on any machine and our weight room and comes with Multi Week Programming and Onscreen coaching guides. Our guys are members through their workouts. Every every step of the way it's Super Compact. It's compact enough to monster walls. It's compact enough to sit in a one bedroom apartment or or a home and And it super smart and intelligent. Ai In it that personalizes the workouts to user and and guides people through the work that so what would like typically experienced. Like if. I'm a user an ice pack. You know may gun through on morning and do my I work out. How would that apply so So the first thing is when you walk up to a tunnel you actually just looks like a TV mounted on wall but but vertically I end the arms tucked away so when you're not using it it's it's stowed looks really clean and sleek is when you walk up to it the first thing you do on still the arm so these arms often and they become adjustable seen all sorts of different exercises. I know there's a twenty four inch screen When you first create your account you know you do everything you do with a personal trainer. You'd Salsa Basic Steiger Age or your goals and then we take you through a quick strength test ought to find out how strong you are And that becomes the baseline that we use from that point that point forward and then you know what you'll do is you'll you'll select the program that you want to do and you know you have the option of doing a single day workout With one of our coaches so you you might take a coach and pick a twenty minute workout or for workout. Or you'll enroll in a multi week program. This is what most people actually do we were. We were grams oriented around specific goal. So we have programs for people who want to lose weight people who want to build muscle people who want to get better at specific sport. Like an example. We will retraining program for somebody's training for a five K. Five Ron. You don't actually become a better runner by running more you do it. You can read strength training and then once you step into the workout. We'll take you for warmup routine and then as we take you for every single strength. Training exercise tonal will automatically choose. How Much Weight? You should lift scored exercise. Assess how you're doing and then Decide whether it's time for you to lift more weight or less weight so so in essence. The is adopting every workout to you. In terms of the way the pacing to work. That's actually will speed up and slow down depending on on how you're doing. I even give you real time feedback right emotion elements of your arm. So it's it's pretty cool and Since we last talked. And that's I'm tonal had just launched a few months before that and what has happened since then what has changed. I think a lot of a lot of things have changed. I think when when we first started a lot of people would look at this thing and not sure what it was and now now we're in a position where where people look at this and they will have a tonal. Just tell us that. It's the most incredible piece of equipment if they've ever used and I think the the analogy I can use. It's like it's like one test Reduction of electric cars. I think when I was a kid when you looked electric cars they were always. They're always like the all environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline cars. But you're serious about cars. You had to go gasoline. And now Tesla has proven that an electric car cannot perform a gasoline card every single dimension. And that's exactly. What tonal is tonal? Doesn't rely on big metal place in gravity. We actually generate or she using electricity And electromagnetics and just repel cars or trains or in Donald Generate enough force. The pick you up off the ground or give you a really really serious workout and I think before we. We launched people who would see. The product would be impressed by now that it's people's homes and more and more people hearing. We're starting to get this this reputation of being a superior way to strength train. The resistance is more pure the spotter which automatically adjusts the way. If you're struggling you push yourself harder. Va I which selects the wage for you. Opt To push yourself harder. The guidance is is really is really great. Because you're getting a crush routine every day And so I think that that reputation is starting to to proceed us community has really grown become very vibrant. And I think that's all great very exciting. And you mentioned that initially customers didn't quite know what to make for Assad and do you think that was more phone Education thing that you had to explain the product more and you had to put up that reputation like you mentioned like something that you had to change around the product experience fall for your users. It was all about. It was all about education and about letting people experienced thing that was new and different than what they'd seen before you know when you walk into a gym and you look at our traditional cable crossover weight machine or you look at Iraq dumbbells. I think we all know what those things do. I think with tonal people. Look at it and you know it's really small. It's leak and and it's easy to underestimate because pretty until that same person. Twenty minutes later is sitting on a puddle on the ground puddle of sweat on the ground you know out of breath the thing we hear most often from people as it exceeded my expectations. This is way harder than I ever expected him. The resistance is more pure. It's smooth and in in the beginning. You know it it. You know people look at this thing. They don't is under skeptical? And then after you know after. The community began digging gave momentum. I think we started to see See The tide turn.

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