When is it time to take out the trash?


Friends and podcast land. Thanks so much for tuning into dre. His point of view. I'm your host is Dreux and each and every week. I'll be bringing you a topic that I feel passionate about doing that. In ten minutes or less for those of you is short attention. Spans are mind wanders with those longer shows so wanted to keep it short and sweet and I'll be doing that with absolutely no co host at all that way you can totally only a completely yet dreyer's point of view that being said. Let's jump right into this week's topic ones at time to take out fresh shoes you know. We all have back Goto pair. We've had for months sometimes years. We notice a little bit. Wear on them for inside of them but yet we still keep them although we have other shoes that are comfortable. That's our favorite pair so we just keep wearing them. We've got close that we can still wear but haven't worn in a while some we haven't worn it all tag still on it yet. We still keep them in our closets or in our drawers. Why is that? Why don't we just toss them? Donate them sell them friends. We have we've known for ever. We grew up with these people. Were not as close. Life happens but we still consider them a friend. Maybe a different level. Maybe they're acquaintances. But we still keep them in our contacts as our facebook friend. Why is that so we can just add to our number make a little? We've got a lot of friends some people you don't hear from except on her birthday or maybe holiday is that considered a friend. Why do we still let certain people get a pass? Why do we give people a pass? I was in a restaurant the other day I saw this couple. Sit Down and the lady. She had a she said. In one side the wicker chair part and the Guy. He sat and the comfy booth part and she asked them. Why didn't I wanted to sit there? Why can't I sit on that side? She went on and on about it for a few minutes. Couldn't hear his response but UTAH. She was unhappy and the fact that he allowed her to be. Unhappy was really gap me so I told a friend of mine and he was like well. You know clearly. It wasn't their first date. She used to treat Nur and he kind of way and she accepts. It knows what kind of history they have together if they have kids together. What have you and it's it was a sad situation either way. Why do we tolerate certain things from people? I believe as adults. We have a choice on who we allow to come into our lives and sometimes people will no longer serve any purpose. It's okay to be alone. No you don't need everyone you don't need to hold on everyone that comes into your life. History are not. Why do we still hold on things past their expiration date? Sometimes it's time to take out trash you're in a relationship in a cheat on you or they become abusive. Why do you stay at? What point do you leave? You know you feel comfortable. You don't WanNa be alone. You're afraid but you know it's not right yet. You still keep them in your life. Why is that? Everyone's tolerance level is different. But if you know something life is too short to wait for somebody to act right. You're unhappy let it go. Just why do we hold onto things and people? I don't I don't know just just think about giving some thought in your current relationships on future relationships Wednesday time to cut the cord to delete some of those contacts to spring clean so to speak. Make sure you're subscribed to my podcast. I'm on every platform. You can listen to me on Google. Podcast spotify apple PODCAST RADIO. Public BREAKER WAVE DOT LINK SLASH. Andrea W V DOT COM. You can listen to all of my podcast and be updated on when the next one is I. Try to make them bi weekly and I really appreciate you for listening. There are thousands of podcasts out there but I appreciate you giving me a few minutes of your time each week. You're very important to me and I hope I'm important you as well. This has been Dreyer's point of view.

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