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Was nineteen seventy six. I'm decrepit now. Here's here's my thought. Experiment for you. Now with the information now. The the added Impact of seeing these highlights with Michael Jordan if I said who you can take any player in NBA history with the first overall pick. There would be a debate between Jordan and Lebron and Kareem Shock. Right would that be about the debate right? But there'd be some shock Jordan. Lebron would probably be your big three okay. Nhl Can take any player in history Gretzky. I mean the changes in the game make it so the Gretzky would probably be as valuable anymore but people in their debut. Can't help yourself while I'm just telling you. There will be a debate between Libya and some wise acres would float ovechkin. They'd be wrong and Crosby Probably come down to that baseball. You know say pitchers say you know whatever. You went out football. Here's the crazy thing. Here's the crazy thing if you said you could have and you know exactly who they are. Now I'm not saying you're guessing looking at them at age twenty and trying to evaluate. We know everything we know about Dan Marino and John elway Brett Farr and Tom Brady take anybody who wants to be the start of the FAC- your franchise. I don't think very many if any NFL. Gm's will take. Tom Brady even knowing what they know. What does that say? Is that the EGO? The AMS like we can fix this guy yeah. Marino didn't win his entire career. But if you give them to me I'll make him a winner. No one would take brady right the except that. That's true money I think it's a fad point That's tough I don't know you know I don't know. I think there is something about that. Intangible that new play cool under pressure that that you win the Games you know that that are in front of you and you have an ability to rise to the occasion and not allow your emotions to affect your performance. I think there is something very valuable about that asset and I think the last dance kind of showcases that. Here's a guy like just the little things like you know Doug Doug Collins saying I'm in. I'm in New York at Madison Square Garden in Jordan tells me. Hey I'm not letting you lose your first game. Don't worry about it down eight. The Guy Scores ten points in the span of two minutes. So I win like that's that's that's the difference right. That's the difference that that he was the guy that pulled off those sorts of things Even willing after being pulled out of a game in the fourth against the Pacers his team to win a game. They had no business winning so they would make the playoffs just so they could get swept by the south like. I think those are the sort of Brady intangibles that I I don't know how Front Office folks would would value. Why but you agree that the bottom line is they wouldn't take him. They would still think. Oh no I'll be better off with blank. I'll give me You Know Steve Young. Give me any Russell Wilson. Give Me John. Montana wouldn't get drafted. I bike I mean like that's what we're talking about these two of the great winners in the history of football. I don't know what it says but I but I feel pretty certain that that's the case that I I guess it comes down to like the Joyce. Joyce I combines the winning and the the ability in the perfect measure to be that guy it has to be a quote about right. It's not going to be another. I think lt would get considered from consideration. I mean maybe like mean Joe. I don't think Dion Lewis Olympic. Probably an the in heightens the irony. Not Coincidence in this case foul. This is truly ironic. I think it would be the one guy who makes everybody's top five. Even though he never WanNa Lombardi Dan Marino. I disagree as Merchandise Love Maria. The other guy knowing what you know right now you have to make the pick. I think some GM's would take moths. I would take. I think it'd be alway I just think. La Concert to those things in the right. Measure the physical ability that you're like okay. Cut look away from that and the winning thing where ironically the winning aspect was actually more apparent when he was dragging bad broncos teams in the Super Bowl than it was when he won the Super Bowl. I think goes to things. What would bring away to the floor and I love Dan Marino? And we'll probably make that choice myself by head says the elway would be. Don't forget that while haven't we don't need to go into that distant history. That people wouldn't get a lot of people don't care about but Marino. I do remember at least a couple pro franchises calling up the Damashqiya House task my old man. I am insight on Dan Marino. With all the rumors that were going on at the time that combined with his lousy senior season relatively speaking when. I came in after Jackie. Sherrill moved on to go to Texas. A and M By if you would ask. After their respective junior years elway and Marino it would always tell probably does one but a been a lot closer Marina without all the like what's going on. What does he do on Friday? Nights Kind of stock marina would have obviously got ahead of.

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