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To the cruise industry you know


Virus it was a virus that started that's right the virus and so you're living the opening episode of the walking dead and killed the cosmetology injured in industry too because is no longer it was doing to the cruise industry you know in a cruise ship cruise ship as a doctor and a medical treatment a hospital on board yeah hotels don't yeah but then they have different nothing about O. tels right and you can have two hundred or three hundred people infected with with any common something not not just this if you have three thousand or five or five thousand people on a cruise ship and that people should also tell how many people say the Vegas hotel most of them how many people will say at a Vegas hotel only that nobody's gotten sick in any hotel since March third because of her I of course it and what happens is you get sick on the ship the quarantine the ship of the Cortini hotels or no no but that'll be coming if this gets out of control and people get crazier you watch Michael Reagan people live your life wash your hands like you should have been don't touch your eyes in your nostrils and whatever with your dirty hands and don't touch mark else before it's great advice depending on to whom you're speaking thank you Mike have a lovely day Mike Reagan and Reagan world his father was the forty fifth president United States for those you're playing along at home more closely yeah well that's right a S. seven sixty talk and breaking news HM seven sixty K. F. M. B. I. fifteen northbound past Rancho Bernardo road an accident the carpool lanes been blocked traffic very heavy from the fifty six five freeway sound better imperial Avenue an accident two right lanes have been shut down eight oh five south Bendigo home Boulevard to Crenshaw thing out there

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To the cruise industry you know

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