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I do WanNa flip the page to Rica's point some teams. That have worked very hard to get to this point. We've got eleven teams. Charlie that have punched their ticket so far to go dancing any surprises for you in the ache you I think we have one out. West correct so In the last couple of days of the West Coast Conference Tournament Portland is your winner. And they will now go to the tournament. they upset didn't zag in the semifinals and they will catch a little bit of. Portland's game yesterday in the championship when I flew into Vegas and they're upset of of Gonzaga disrupted. That's the surprise. It's SORTA disrupted the bubble a little bit because when you when you take it to my Portland who was not going to make it as an at large but Gonzaga certainly is well now the WC goes from having one team in the field to two teams in the field. Well he can only still sixty four teams so someone has to come out of the field to accommodate Portland's entrance and that affects the at large teams on the bubble and in the case of my bracket that not Boston College. Back out of the field. Who just a day earlier had slid into the field because there was another loss by someone else so everything with this in the championship weeks at circumstances everything affects something else because it's a numbers game. It's a sixty fourteen field no matter how you slice it so going forward and these next few days. We've got some other tournaments that could affect that in the same way and I mentioned this going back a week or so ago that their watch out for the bids steelers because there are certain mid majors that we know we're going to be in the field. They've earned the right to be in. The field is at large teams if they don't also go in there if they don't go in AH automatic qualifiers by winning their tournament. Well then that's an extra team that we didn't account for and brackets and that's an extra team now that the committee has to put into the field. That's one less team that can make it from some of these bubble team. So yeah the the big upset so far has been in the West Coast Conference in Gonzaga. Not Winning it and we've got some more to look forward to. The MAC happens to be one of those tournaments where there's not going to be. Any fans will central Michigan won the league pretty decisively. This year is a top twenty. Rpi team and most assuredly will make the field but now that tournament played before no one could be one of those that affects how the bubble teams go to central Michigan. Does it also come on? Come out on top in the tournament So that's that's certainly one for fans to watch as we go forward and you're GONNA have to watch it on TV because you're not gonna be able to buy it you're watching on TV though you will hear my voice. I'm on the call on Saturday for the championship. And the more reason to tune in now on the game and you can't get into the arena so the ratings should be sky high. Now it's via going okay. So I want to over to the big twelve. Charlie would where I know actually had a chance to call some big twelve games this year and I know. Tcu In particular was a team that was really making a push. I believe there in the field as it stands right now but I was state actually Jones. Who's a certified buck gator? They upset Baylor over the weekend which was a huge deal. I did a double take when I got the alert. Baylor is bailer their legitimacy. It probably doesn't change anything for them. But what does it do for Iowa State? Well I always stayed. I had as a tendency leading into that game and and it pushed him to a nine. And what that does is it's security. It's cushion because of the ten seed. Maybe the committee views them a little differently. Not Quite not quite at that level so that he's talking about eleven seed. Well that's a vulnerable team to some of the upset potential. We just talked about so what that win for Iowa State. I think is put to rest any question that they'd be in the field although I think there was a big one anyway but it but it certainly nails it down and they no longer would have. I don't think any anxious moments watching the selection show on Monday Now it's just GonNa be a matter of where do they go? And whom do they play? But I think that's what did for for I would say for sure and it would what it did do for. Baylor though while not it's not gonNA knock him out of a one seed it. Does maybe raise some questions. I personally didn't think that there was anything to worry about with. Frankly there weren't a lot of flaws there but the big twelve not not one of the better leagues in the country this year of the power. Five Leagues I think it's probably fifth and they haven't been severely tested in a while and I always say certainly did that and the it might raise some question marks about Baylor going forward. I think they can answer any of those questions in the big twelve tournament because I was sneaking suspicion. They're going to come out with a little extra in that game and it could be ugly for the other. Big Twelve teams In the big twelve tournament but that said it does it. It shows little vulnerability that I didn't think Baylor had and that makes it a little more intrigued when we get to the tournament. Time itself I agree with you one hundred percent. I know look at the box. Were trying to figure out what the deal was. And nothing really was like crazy glaring. But I do think you're right. I know a ton of folks are going to be studying that tape to see what I was able to do right well that was able to watch some of that game and when I did was really slow the Temple. They hope to threes in the second half. They made more threes than they made. Twos in the game and the believer and it was and it was so slow paced and Baylor never found a rhythm that they they say clog everything inside the Lauren Cox had almost no room to move it. Kinda dared the Baylor shooters to shoot and they just had one of those games where they weren't making shots so maybe at least down a blueprint for some other teams as to how to at least approach Valer Ago You mentioned as an example Yukon being a number two seed and I know over the past few years you have seen to have had all these regional conferences in such a favorable area. I think at the Albany region that they mostly have been seated but this year they would be projected number two in the Portland region and I think as much as we talk about Yukon not being the same Yukon is as pass. There's still a very good basketball team. Won thirty nine. Oh in their conference over these last few years in the American and I think that having them with the possibility of travel really makes this team look a little different because they aren't the same team as years pass. Tell us a little bit about how that could affect their performance. Assuming they make the sweet sixteen you're right and Seven out of the last eight years. They've either played in Albany. Bridge for for Kingston Rhode Island. So they they have not had to get on an airplane until the final four in seven out of those those eight years. But let's let's be honest earned it ju- every one of those years with the possible exception of last year because they were the best team in the country in those years too so and when when cities bid for these regionals it just so happened that that all those years those particular low cows bid and got regionals to be able to host. And you can't happen to be close so this year. Those regionals are don't exist. There is no Albany. There is no Kingston. There is no bridgeport and no matter what was going to have to get on an airplane. And you're right. I think it will look a little bit. Different seeing a yukon in a faraway place. I don't think it's going to impact on the whole Locke. Though to be honest I think the people that are bothered by the possibility of uconn going West are the players and the coaching staff. Everything I've heard from them is like. Hey we'll bring it on. We'll play wherever we'll play whomever we'RE NOT THAT CONCERNED ABOUT. Gino's been been pretty adamantly over the years but this year when the subject's soon kinda shrug your shoulders. Look I you know. I don't have any control over it and we'll go play and it will do what we do and I think he said the other night after the the American championship game. We'll do what we do. I hope I think That's sort of the philosophy that they're gonNA take me. Maybe their fans aren't happy and maybe people who who look at the tournament and see certain things as they view them. Unfair that a team that is fifth overall. My take would be the one that has to travel. Based on the fact that other teams can can drive to the region. So we'll get into the reason why you would be going to Portland is very simply that The NC Double A. Would prefer as much as possible that teams that can drive rather than fly two games that they're gonNA play It's written right in the procedures principles of putting the bracket together that mode of transportation distance from campus. Things that they consider will this year Louisville can drive the Fort Wayne Regional? Nc State can drive to the Greenville regional. So if you assume that those are those are two of the other number number two seeds. Then they're going to be plotted in those regions and then the other one being Stanford and Stanford mashed up with Oregon would would also violate one of the principles of putting the bracket together and they They try to keep teams seeded on the top four lines from the same conference separate. So they're so they're in different regions. They wouldn't even meet until the final four now. In this case the fact twelve might have five teams in top sixteen making that impossible but in years past when that's happened the committee's not put one a one and a two. They've put fit when a four again. So it's highly highly unlikely that Oregon at Stanford Movie Place Together which only leaves one region left for Yukon to go to which is Portland matched up with. Oregon is the one in the two. So that's the why behind it and I think we talked about the the what or in the case of I think the Yukon players coaches the. So what I don't know that they that it matters to them very much but it does create an interesting conversation around how the tournament is bracketed. And some of these rules. That maybe fans aren't quite as aware of in the the head-scratching that I get from from fans and social media. Say Well if you cons five. They should be matched up with the number four overall team based on the curve. And that's Maryland so they should be going to Fort Wayne. Well we don't ever. The S curve is used to plot the teams in the tournament. But it's not used strictly to place them in these numerical matchups one in eight go together. Two and seven go together. It's never worked that way. It doesn't work that way in the men's tournament. The committee will try to do that as much as possible. That's the goal. But if you've got these graphical instances at hand as well then there there's other ways to balance the bracket and. That's I think what's going to happen. This year with

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