Myrla: The Safe House

Long Distance


Can ask you so. Just WanNa be clear so this story that you told you're able to say the real place where you lived in Longo because you know that those people had already left even that woman that you said was pregnant she real real okay and then I checked on her after because I was thinking what she heard or something no they didn't even come close to her so this storyline off ready to cooperate. A little bit was a good opening and later on I was brought to regular debenture to the camp. Yes so we were held in a jail debts within a Philippine constabulary. Come they call come mucky Niagara but the jail is being run by the Philippine National. Police and the jail is intended for common crime. Thor's it's not the political complex Kramer I mean. Usually they keep political detainees together but the facilities are not good point supposedly should also would. Men political detainees but that was the only one he recalled. Pov Oblique order violators. I remember that as a public order by later I could not even get bail doer not given the right to even defend ourselves in court

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