They Cancelled E3


To and Black Mesa while Jason near both playing persona five rail which is fun since he didn't play the game. When it first came out we talk about the corona virus related cancellation of e three twenty twenty and reflect on the many ways that could impact the games industry. And what this all might mean for the Ear Inn Games as we thought it was going to happen because some off topic discussion of reply all. I think you should leave and the excellent third season of Netflix Castle. Vania it's going to be better than the chair. Ronna whip cream Sunday so stick around and welcome back to Kentucky split-screen. I'm so glad that you joined us. My name is Kirk Hamilton. And the three of us are coming to you live from our respective virus bunkers around the country. I am joined of course by two CO hosts on the left side of my skype screen. Mattie Myers Hello Matty. Hello coming at you from the left. I'm left handed. Thanks a lot of sense. It's why I'm there naturally and from the right side of my skype screen Mr Jason Jason. Hello I feel like over the past three weeks of split-screen my tone towards the virus has gone through. Oh Lake funny jokes you terrified. This is a life changing event for everybody. Welcome to the madness. Now I'll say we're safe in our respective zones and we are podcasting which is a pretty pretty safe thing to you. I don't know I mean I have to go outside and go to the grocery store and stuff. I don't feel like yeah but not to podcast. We all have to go to the grocery store right now. Our safe as long as nobody came and like coffee my microphone. Which hopefully right at that. It's true microphone could definitely be kind of Germany but yeah it's it's terrifying especially I mean for me having a child if I'm month old even though I know that it doesn't really affect children so far it's still terrifying like everything everything for the rest of the world that right. Welcome to the wall at least. Hopefully the most of the rest of my life won't involve pandemic still worrying for your child are dangerous and my wife is taking daycare everyday on the subway because the daycare is in her building and man it's terrifying every single day and and my mom has Respiratory problems terrified for her. She's in the past and there's all sorts of reasons to be terrified but let's not get into that let's talk about Victorians. Let's be in Georgia for a little while at least until our.

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