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Dallas Cowboys sign DE Aldon Smith, suspended since 2015


Minute Jerry Jones loves doing this the cowboys owner has a long list of bestowing second or third or fourth chances on players some of whom didn't necessarily deserve it he's at it again with former forty niner and raider pass rusher Aldon Smith if it wasn't for the gross pride the cowboys had when signing the despicable Greg hardy Sonny Smith my top this whole list the last play of the NFL in twenty fifteen and still needs to be reinstated by the commissioner's office he may have more legal issues than career sacks and part of the reason the cowboys taking a flier on Smith these because they're waiting on another pass rusher Randy Gregory to come off indefinite suspension as well it is god's life in order that's great I just can't believe the cowboys want to dust them off after five years of no

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Dallas Cowboys sign DE Aldon Smith, suspended since 2015

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