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Temperature in the mid to upper


Upper sixties if not fairly close to seventy degrees by five o'clock so dinnertime might be one of those opportunities to get out maybe on the patio and enjoy some dinner today temperatures upper sixties new spots that just south of I. seventy fairly close to seventy degrees this evening we'll keep it mostly cloudy temperatures and dip into the upper fifties as we approach midnight tonight low temps in the mid to upper forties lower fifties after tonight we are increasing our chance of precip especially Saturday might be a stray shower around come Sunday and then by Monday and Tuesday of next week really ramping up our rain chances there so again today is really going to be the dry day you can enjoy R. J. R. stray shower chance again during the morning hours in it'll be around periodically so you can download the storm tracking apps are able to track the stray showers if you want to head out about because I do think they'll be opportunities for that tomorrow

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Temperature in the mid to upper

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