How NOT to get Discouraged After Getting MULTIPLE 'No' Responses On Sales Calls


Right so one of my clients message me recently. Actually this happened last week when my clients went over seven on his sales calls over seven so literally call after call after call. It was like he would ask them to enroll. They said no seven times in a row and I don't know how many of you guys have ever gotten on seven calls in a row begotten seven nose in a row but you can imagine how discouraged was after getting seventy dollars like he messaged me and he was like do like screw. This man like I'm so done with this. Bs like just another person. Say No to me on the phone. I just had another person said that they don't have the money. Everyone's broke February sucks. It's not a good month people. Just don't have the money right now. I just keep getting these broke ass people on the phone and so for me like I get it like I've been there so like I let them ramble and I'll just let 'em ramble and Rambo and Rambo but how like it sucked and then I was like dude. Okay okay enough like stop. I was like Bro. Like guaranteed guaranteed. You're saying something on these calls that's causing them to say no right guarantee. There's something that you're saying on these calls with potential prospects that's causing these people to say no and I absolutely guarantee that if we fix that problem in the process you're going to start to get some yeses so I made them role play with me amid him. Get on the phone and like sell me as a client and we role played where he was selling as a coach and I was pretending to be the client and we did. He was doing a few things that I talked about in a previous episodes. If you guys really want upper sales game and you'd want the practical step by step go watch three golden nuggets to your sales game but we fixed those things and on the next eight calls. He went eight for eight. So after going over seven and getting zero calls or zero sales and seven calls he went eight for eight and thirty six hundred dollars so guys. I want to give you guys three practical mind shifts three Paktika like absolute necessary mindset ships. That need to happen so that you guys never get discouraged on your sales calls because discouragement is the enemy of you growing success business. Like if you're like not book and cause because you're feeling sorry for yourself or people keep saying no like that is the enemy of your growing business. So I'm going to be three practical mind shifts. That never get discouraged on your sales calls so number one practical mindshift number one. Everyone is going to have objections. Everyone is going to have objections. First of all on my fitness coach. Every single person that you're going to get on the phone with is going to have an objection about whether or not they can take action a Finnish course. The reason that most people are struggling in their fitness goals in the first place is because these people have been making excuses for their fitness journeys for the last three five seven. Maybe twenty years. They've been saying themselves. It's not the right time you know like my kids are in school or I don't have the money or focused on other things. I gotTA CHECK WITH MY spouse like most of the clients that you guys get on the phone with been making excuses their entire life so just because they're interested in transforming their body and they're interested in your almond. Coaching program does not mean that they're ready to take out a credit card. And commit to you. So all my fitness coach. The first thing that you need to understand not to get discouraged on your sales calls is everyone is going to have an objection. So you need to expect objections. I think a lot of finished coaches. I think it'd be reasonable. Why do you guys are getting discouraged is because you just expect people to fall in your lap? Like I'm just GONNA get on a call with the client and they're just going to pay me the money. I'm just going to run through the script. And they're just GonNa pay me the money guys people are GonNa have objections. That's why they're stuck in their current situation. So if you understand that everyone's going to have an objection then you won't take it personally when they have an objection like Oh. I don't have the money like I kinda thought you were going to say that. So let's talk about it and then you have a conversation instead of saying like. Oh I don't have the money and you're like okay. You can go about it and I'll talk to you in like a week. People are going to have objections. So you have to expect that. Everyone's going to have an objection. Just come with that expectation and then be willing to have a conversation with them all right so key number one mindset shift that you guys need to understand if you guys are tuning in right. Now it'd take some notes. Write this down. People are going to have objections. Stop expecting people to fall in your lap. Everyone's going to have an objection. Okay all right. So the mindset number one people are going to have just like understand that okay mindset number two mindset shift number. Two guys need to go through in order to never get discouraged. On your sales calls is sales is a learnable. Skill sales is a learnable skill. I think that too many people take rejection. Personally I wanna Kinda hit you with this one and let me know if this kind of hits home for you. Have you ever gotten rejected on a call? And you just feel like you suck as a coach. Have you ever gotten rejected as calling you like on man? I suck at this if you guys are like that like somebody says not on the phone yourself. This sucks I suck at this as ever said that. I'm not good at sales. I've always been terrible sales. Getting a no on the phone doesn't mean you suck as a person getting a no on the phone. Means you're sale skills might suck straight up getting on. The phone doesn't mean you suck as a person getting in on the phone means you're sales skills might suck straight up. I just WanNa be straight with you guys. I don't WanNa be guys but let's talk about doing squats because we're all night coaches. We understand squats right. So do you guys remember the first time you did a squat like the first time ever walked into a gym and you got under the bar and you did a squat right do you remember how terrible terrible like the first time. I did like a full body so I was like terrible I do. I was horrible. I squad was terrible but the more that I went into the gym and the more that it had squats the better I got at them. I actually hired a personal trainer so I had an in person training for like a year and a half two years so that they can educate me on the proper form. Get better squats. He helped me improve my form and so the more that I practice the exercises that the personal trainer gave me right the more that I practice mobility in a form etc etc. The better my squad get guys. Sales is the exact same thing. If you're getting a no on the phone stopped crying and bitching about it and do something about it. Study sales sales is a learnable skill. You can get better over time. You will get better over time. If you don't get discouraged discouragment those the enemy of progress because you're GONNA get discouraged. Me Man Suck at this. I'm terrible at sales. Nobody says yes to me. Nobody has the money everyone's broke. That's like all bs all of it. People saying they don't have the money for your program as a signpost for me that your sales skills need work. Nobody has the money to hire finish coach. Somebody wants to take three hundred fifty dollars under the bank account and pay you for monthly service. Somebody wants to give you a thousand dollars for twelve week. Nobody wants that but if you practiced in the art of enrolling them into your program and you are good at getting people to say yes people will see ask because I want to commit to their goals. Sales is a learnable skill. Getting knows on the phone stopped crying about it and start doing something about it. Steady sales literally go to youtube and wash them Denmark videos if you go to youtube study. Dan Lock democracies sales wizard. He's an expert watch videos. You could watch them all day study sales. I'M GONNA start with my clients right now because I know a lot of my clients. Listen this if you're in my course right now and you're getting knows on the phone. You better be at savage sales every Thursday when we post the training straight up. And if you're not at savage sales and you're not studying sales and you're complaining about the sales game I don't care straight up like sales learnable skills so if you're getting no's on. The phone studied the art of sales better over improve. Make sure you're holding. Your skill set makes getting better over time. Ask for feedback from coach. If you're in my course. Please ask me for feedback. It's like I'll accept you complaining a little bit and then I'll say how do we get better from here? Watch youtube videos. You don't suck as a person. Your sales skills might suck okay. There's a difference. So if your sales sales suck make better right so sales's learnable skill that's number two. That's the second mindset shift that we need to go through okay now mindset shift number three mindset shift number three. This is the most important once. You're taking notes please. This is the one you need to write down. I'M GONNA say it's slow to get every no is one step closer to yes. Every no is one step closer to yes straight up. I actually like it when people say no to me on the phone. It's weird like I actually like it. Maybe if I got seven or eight and relegate kind of Pissy but anyways I kinda like it when people say notably phone I actually do because when somebody says not me on the phone. That means that I'm one step closer to somebody saying yes. This is actually a game that we play my circle to my circle of close friends. That are all in the business like if one of us starts getting a bunch of knows on the phone. We always recycle that Bourbon factory. Where we're like every knows one step closer to yes guys. Although sales is a learnable skill people are still going to say no to you like even the best sales people in the world still get knows it happens and guys if you don't have the skin and for somebody saying no to you like you're just not in the right game. This isn't for you. Understanding that sales is a numbers game. And you can get better at sales. But you'll still get nose on the phone will allow you to improve your sales over time and get better and progressively move into the next call's enthusiasm. I think we can kill your sales game and kill your enrollment game is if you get into this mindset where you're like getting discouraged because you're on calls and people are saying no to you and then you start thinking yourself like on. Nobody has the money in Boban. Maybe I'M NOT CUT OUT FOR THIS. And then you get on the next call in the next call actually want to buy from you but because you're in such a negative head space you push them away right so every no is one step closer to yes is a mindset that will allow you to show up to calls with enthusiasm it will allow you to show up to potential calls with clients with like energy and enthusiasm because you know you. Just gotTa know. This might be yes. That's the way that I view it so I actually like when people say no to me every no is one step closer to yes. So if you're an online fitness coach this is like a great closing rate so a great closing rate is one and three calls. If you're closing one. Three calls absolutely phenomenal. If you've been on five caused and you've only close one you need to work on your sales game. You need to be closing one in every three calls or getting on if you're not you need some work to do you decide sales. Go Watch videos on YouTube. If you're in my course you better be at savage sales every Thursday. We have a sales training every week right. So Great. Closing rate is one of three. If you're under one and three you need to work on. Your sales gain a phenomenal closing rate. Like if you're doing really good is two and three calls if you're closing every two and three calls your savage you're amazing you need to give yourself pat on the back. It's doing good if you're closing every single call you get on. You should probably increase your prices because that's saying like your program super high value and everyone's like Oh my God. I can't believe it's cheap. You should probably increase prices all right guys when you get. No I want you to get excited because every no is one step closer to a yes.

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