No New Taxes: What’s in Philadelphia Mayor Kenney’s 2020 Budget Proposal


Education and poverty reduction are expected to be the themes as Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney unveils a five point two billion dollar budget proposal today here's K. Y. W. city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb with more the budget includes a hundred eighteen million dollars in new spending but no new taxes in fact budget director Marisa Waxman says there will be cuts in the wages and business income in receipts or Burt tax the wage tax cuts are following the same pattern that we have been doing the Burke tax cut is xcelerated and extended still revenues will rise allowing the mayor to propose some new programs including a city funded college scholarship in affordable housing program and street sweeping we're going to be moving to ramp up that programming over the course of the five year plan bring it to every neighborhood that'll cost you sixty seven million dollars over five years but the first year is ten point five the budget proposes three million dollars to fight the opioid epidemic in though none of that money would go to a safe injection site opponents still angry about the since scuttled plan to open one in South Philadelphia are expected to protest at the

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