Facebook isn't eavesdropping, but the truth is more disturbing

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Even on nights and weekends turbo tax. All people are tax people so many people believe that facebook is listening to our conversations. Jenny from you I trying to critera foundation says oh no. It's way worse. They don't have to listen to you. What is going on? It's worse than listening. Jenning there are a lot of things and we're learning about new ones constantly. It seems like so. One example is location tracking noticing. Who YOU'RE WITH. Which can be linked with what they recently purchased and might reasonably have told you about You might be in an airport location. Services can see that you might linger in front of an ad that's Bluetooth enabled. And now you've sent a signal knowingly to an advertiser answers that you might be interested in this product who might have talked to someone it You might be in a bar showing a TV show and then you get an advertisement for that TV show but again location services. No you're in an area where that TV show might be popular. There's kind of endless examples of unknowingly just by living your life including facebook that facebook is tracking you and you're sending these signals that of your interest in things that you might also speak about allowed in the presence of your phone but for a company like facebook to use voice detection defined key words and then map those onto advertising preferences. That's like stone-age target advertising. When there's all these much more. Nefarious invasive methods much more invisible methods available to them are unique. Are we one thing that people don't like to hear about this is that you might not be that unique? In addition to this invasive tracking going on with information like your age Inferences about your income level. People you hang out with Ex. It's remarkably easy to figure out what you might be interested in One example a friend told me like. Hey Johnny look at this. I've been wanting to buy a mattress. I've been telling people about it. And they advertise a mattress to me. They're listening I said well. No you're in your mid twenty S. He just got a new job at the end of the month and even looking for moving services. So you're probably moving and you might want to buy a mattress right now. A lot of people do that in this age range at this time the calendar month facebook monitors you're searching. Do you think your friends searched on facebook or search on Google. I think facebook is marrying you off of facebook in a lot of ways. Facebook itself is a third party. We call advertisers. So you might be on a different site. That is not facebook and yet facebook often through its pixel other tracking services is watching in the background especially even people may not realize when you cook on an ad on facebook. Facebook is absolutely following you off the site to see how you interact with that ad to see how long you linger over various options. And what else do you look for? So the person who is paranoid but likes facebook. What steps does that person do to get facebook to be less invasive? There's a few I mean to self promote We have a couple of tools that we develop in house at the Electronic Frontier Foundation to help with third party tracking or help you defend third prey tracking to not not to help with One Is Privacy Badger which will block those third party trackers and advertisers including facebook. It also block Facebook's widgets those are like buttons and share buttons twitter in Lincoln. Also when you see those on a web page that is a surefire sign that they are tracking you on that page just looks very friendly So you can look for kind of self defense tools like that and one answer. That might not be as satisfying but I think is kind of where we are right now is that you can push for better privacy legislation at the federal level. That's the only thing that's GonNa rain this in. I think at some point. Consumer self-help is so limited And really it shouldn't be your job to kind of go get a law degree in computer science degree and spend

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