Coronavirus travel ban creating chaos at U.S. airports: reports


There's been chaos this weekend at some of the nation's major airports as Americans return from Europe ahead of new restrictions on travel from Europe photos from inside Chicago's o'hare International Airport show long lines of people packed into tight spaces waiting for hours to be screened for coronavirus NPR's Leila Fadel reports on the situation here international airports one of thirteen airports accepting people returning from Europe and implementing enhanced screening but now many question whether the bottlenecks the screens creating will end up infecting more people than it's protecting similar pictures and videos were shared from the Dallas fort worth International Airport the governor of Illinois JB Pritzker seeds in a tweet at president trump and vice president Mike pence saying the crowds and lines are unacceptable and that the president needs to address it immediately meanwhile the o'hare international airport's Twitter account says it has cooled strongly encourage their federal partners to increase staffing to meet demand will fall down NPR

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