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Burning in my head. Just this opening refueling of a play. Yeah the title. Dr Strangelove never sunk in in my early watchings of it. The idea that they're really going to go there with the idea that the act of war is also an act of love making. But it's here. It's right here in the romantic way. That these planes are refueling each other to these strings and all of that. It's meant to imply that. Yes this is a very strange love. Indeed that we have with our values and our missiles and our own self destruction. Yeah you can't not see it. The final scene where it pulls out after it's injected it's fuel and you have just kinda bouncing they're like of Fallas is not subtle. I don't think I got it when I was really young. But this time it's the way it's going in and out and things like that. I think as a kid I probably just thought your refueling planes mid-flight. It can't be that steady now. I'm like way this is obvious I would guess I don't know I have no evidence to say that this is true. I would guess many people that just walked into the movie hadn't heard about. It would not get the joke or wouldn't even get that. This was a comedy again. They're looking at black and white. They know this is about the bomb. Why would that be funny? I mean maybe the title kind of tells you something I mean. I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb. It's kind of a play on how to succeed in business without really which was a popular satirical book about all the dirty dealings that happened on in the office office politics. I've heard about that and I didn't ever put together that. That's what how I learned to stop worrying was in reference to. I've always found the title with its extension awkward and watching it the first time I just thought it was called strangelove because of the character. It draws very much attention to a really minor character until the end of the film when writing. My Plot. Summary drew out for me. Exactly how little strangelove really does until the very end yeah. I think it's in there just for the name. Mike Stewart said it's describing this strangelove where going to destroy ourselves but I do have a question just logistics. We're told later that these fifty. I guess they're always up in the air. They're always like two hours away from their targets. Inside the Soviet. Yeah that's actually been confirmed by Robert McNamara and other people that they realized well what was happening. Was it. Stop being about bombs and it started being about missiles right around the end of the fifties now all of a sudden we have long range. Didn't have to man it. The feeling was that if they launched missiles we wanted to be there right away to be able to stop the missiles themselves but at least to strike fast and so yes. We always had a western route a southern route. We were always having I think they said a dozen or more planes twenty four hours a day. Their missions were a full day long. We're usually two pilots in the beef. Fifty two for that reason to make sure that yes if they got that word if that came through if something been blown up that they could respond that quickly. It is really scary. The more we talk about it. How close we came to complete annihilation. Yeah no it was called mutually assured destruction mad for reason. I don't know when that term came about but yeah the basic strategy was we'll just blow everything up. If you hurt me I'll blow up the world. I'll take my toys home and blow everything up like that is crazy. We lived on the edge of that philosophy. Yeah that was a term from the fifties I believe for. I remember my history right when they were doing the nuclear bunkers and things. That was all the rage yeah. I don't think that the old generation people that were creating the suburbia of the fifties prospering in the Eisenhower era. I don't think that they would prone to find any of that funny. And in many cases they were shielded from a lot of that. I mean it was really crus- Jeff and the Berlin Wall and the Cuban missile crisis that suddenly. They couldn't look away anymore. The threat was becoming too real everything that we saw happen. And people from the Manhattan Project had spoken out. Eisenhower himself when he retired. He was the general that everyone loved when he left office. Said you gotta worry about the Military Industrial Complex. They're GONNA kill us. All I mean I'm paraphrasing but again it really changed in the sixties this sense that yes. This is a very grave matter and so again I would hazard against many in. The audience. Weren't laughing yet watching this movie as it gets started here. Epi BERTILSSON Air Force Base. I think that is a joke burp. I'm guessing wall. That's how I took it. Yeah but that kind of Gonzo writing definitely would come popular in all kinds of beat generation by definitely feel a Kiro accessibility to it all. Yeah when you push it so far where you have a president monthly in a Colonel Bat. Guano like okay. I get what you're doing. You're not trying to be sly about it. You got you got your politics on your sleeve your satire on your sleeve. I see what you're I don't mind like because this does go so over the top and you can hear the rest of this classified conversation when you become a now playing patron at the ten dollar monthly subscription rate really a steel when you consider the hours of content that come from being a now playing patron we have recorded exclusive shows for all kinds of movies including other wartime classics like apocalypse. Now recent blockbusters like get out Lego Batman even titles picked by listeners. Like you now playing really gets to tackle movies that would never fit into. 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