What you need to know about coronavirus right now


What do you need to know about this in novel form of that virus which is spread across the world and there are now cases of it spreading here in the United States in here in the state of Florida on this important subject I've been talking with Chad Sanborn is a board certified physician in both infectious diseases in pediatric infectious diseases and he's infectious disease specialist at kids medical services in Palm Beach county and check out one thing I wanted to ask you Dr Sanborn is what do you expect to see in the coming weeks and months when it comes to this virus so I mean are you expecting to see it spread even more than it already has and how long do you think something like this would take to run its course right so unfortunately I do C. or K. and potentially a lot more keep circulating through both Florida and United States the logo on the kind of people but it does appear that there is community right of reply with meeting the conductor from coughing and sneezing and being around someone is coughing and sneezing so these especially with the fact that nobody can community correct means that we're probably going to see a lot more cases potentially very soon as well not that there's going to be a massive spread of it but I think it may have been going on for a little bit and now we have better means that capability up to action so I think we'll be identifying some of the patients who may be have had the virus with we didn't have the capacity to test them previously so I think it will likely stay around for a number of months what we're trying to determine right now again arsenal is the is the current even all buyers is that a fact here in Florida certainly again because nobody is immune to it at the moment that is a possibility that a kind of established itself and will spread from time to time throughout that United States so we're trying to determine how many people are infected and there's a lot of studying to be done both in China and South Korea and you're and you're left to figure out how how this may spread out the same time we are trying to develop vaccines and treatments which would potentially make the curtain of the vehicle that struck the United States and around the world yeah this is one of the problems though is it would take off a little while to get a vaccine out of the market correct potentially up to a year to year and a half which would not be a critical for this type of situation which means that we may be in court for a while now I don't think it's necessarily going to be all gloom and doom I think we will likely see that many of the cases are milder and back with the advertised mortality rates with the virus right now is around two percent wanted to present may indeed drop that we identify cases that aren't quite as sick right now which I think people are very sick or redirect traveling but I think we will see that there are many more people particularly children shifting weight that are not quite as well which which there by drop that mortality rate which is what I hope it other senses that there are some people out there that catch in and have no symptoms at all that is correct so that the good and bad thing right so it's good because well I'm not going to get sick which is great about the need that they can contact other people and some of those people will get sick so yeah there it seems to be a great majority of patients actually that will get infected not minimal to no symptoms which is good at that's what we want to see we're still trying to determine who are the people that are at risk for getting very sick but it appeared to be people over at age fifty five and people with chronic medical conditions are immune suppression seem to be at risk for getting the most L. from this particular virus but certainly the great majority of people who get coronavirus infection will not be in the hospital on a ventilator or be critically ill so what are local governments and frankly local medical facilities doing to prepare for this do you know yeah well it varies from facility to facility but is he health department is certainly taking a lead and then along with that if he did the film I was trying to get that thing out I am currently one of that of course is to allow potentially either half of themselves to have point of care testing where I think can be done right at the facility well even being sent to commercial laboratories which have that capability of doing massive amounts of texting on large scale basis so that part of it and then you know trying to keep up with the fly macs are a big thing that that many hospitals are in shortage jog and we're still trying to determine what the best way to prevent spread of the virus so right now we're kind of doing maximum protection for the healthcare providers that may change it makes you the political climate we see that there may be we don't have to be quite I stringed instrument out there respective and preventing the spread of virus for one person to another meaning that we don't need to wear but most most protective airborne matter necessarily which are rapidly becoming an shortage in many places here in New York yeah and I understand that I believe somewhere saying that really the average everyday person should not be worried about getting a mass because we want enough masks for the medical professionals were actually treating people with the disease that's correct yeah yes you know I think a lot does that keep pushing hard to find mac won't be there can look great the card number you can call out the line them up I don't think that's going to be recommended less actively preventing spring ET certainly incomplete whether it could be that you're riding public transportation it crowded New York subway or something like that currently you are at risk and maybe a little higher than getting it from people in the community but certainly in South Florida you're in a big city there's a lot of them are different between people number one number two I think a more effective way to prevent the spread of the virus would be banking on one thing which is very important and certainly if one person is wearing a mask it's not a bad idea because that will hopefully prevent the spread out backfired two other people around you but by and large I do not recommend the community goes out and buys mac and maps at the moment then you were just mention one thing their hand washing but water some everyday steps that a regular person can take to help prevent catching either coronavirus or really any other disease sure so yeah we we kind of try to follow our normal recommendation for sound potentially kind of silly but we don't do it enough and and that's why the things spread but trying to clean out the relatively healthy yeah exactly not staying up all night watching the building price by that sort of thing getting all your you know recommended vaccine influenza vaccine pneumonia vaccine and Christine vaccine will be important to you because you don't want to get to things and going to get quick with something and potentially have it misidentified as corona virus for instance if you get the flu because you didn't get the vaccine potentially well that's going to consider the whole picture in terms of that now that doesn't mean that you're more likely to get corona virus per se but it would potentially be worse and then hand once again because of that issue rapidly that you can around in your pocket and again if someone's sick we couldn't do encourage them in general and if you can basis to try to limit their exposure to other people and big ad community setting etcetera so little things that we can do that you have to make a big difference in terms of stopping the community spread and keeping yourself healthy Dr Chad is Sanborn any final thoughts on this issue that you want to tell the people of Florida yeah certainly I would say that I don't think it's necessarily a panic by any means but I do think it's not reasonable to have concerns and to kind of you know look at your daily life in and make sure that you are ready in case they do cancel curtain school daycare center things like that there may be a point where the the government authorities recommend staying home from work for a week or two weeks add this kind of symptoms so I again I don't think it's something we need to be hoarding water include in our homes for it you could barely I think you are part of a pretty good at preparing for things but knowing that we have hurricane Kerr which many other parts of the country they don't at the same time you know I think being confident in having some backup plans in place for them I began a become a bit more significant in the community so it's that balance to play but I think generally it's good to be aware good to know things I recommend going to the fact that gov other websites where we can get some information for this issue to be up by the information on the internet many that much of it not good from Facebook and Twitter and things like that so I speak your language and have a relationship with your position is not quite the snow conditions and when you are able to be able to reach out to them and again house providers were kind of learning all that at the door as well so things may change but I don't think that that actually make us doubt are you know health care public health authorities there guiding

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