Ben Affleck Says Divorce From Jennifer Garner Is His 'Biggest Regret'


Truth Ben Affleck getting choked up talking about his divorce from Jennifer garner so he was on Good Morning America today and he also did an interview with The New York Times and he said I never thought I was going to get divorced I didn't want to get divorced I didn't want to be a divorced person I really didn't want to be a split family with my children and it upset me so much because it meant I wasn't who I thought I was and that was so painful and so disappointing in myself I'm sure he was opening up to the New York times about his relationship and its demise and how when things start to get hard in his marriage circa twenty fifteen twenty sixteen he then responded by deeply going deeper into drinking which of course made the problems worse right and then in twenty fifteen in June Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner called it quits after ten years of marriage they have a fourteen year old an eleven year old and a seven year old rather finalized in October of twenty eighteen but it's got to be hard to talk about all that stuff in public because not because of the issues itself but because it involves other people who are also in the public eye yeah and I'm you know like I just feel like that's gonna be awkward I mean I don't know what relationship they have now realistically but I think it's pretty positive or at least that's what they make it look like in the tabloid yeah they make it seem like that like they spend a lot of family time together and he kind of pops over he called the divorce the biggest regret of his life and has been really open with his about his battle with substance abuse he said divorce is very painful and alcoholism is very painful they just are and if there's something that your child is suffering that the level of pain that's not easily gotten past not easily forgiven not easily forgotten and it's hard you're not going to avoid causing your kids pain all pain pain is part of life I take some comfort in that you know I the the the article or the profile that that he has done recently where he's really talking through a lot of the stuff part of what makes this I think in deer is mean to him in the in his telling of his own story yeah is that there is a and there is a notion that he has an awareness of his part in it yeah I and I think I'd feel differently if he were putting things on other people but you really is telling his story from his very own perspective and I am hopeful that Jennifer garner has given her blessing on this I think it'll help people understand Ben Ben Affleck is better and she has moved on she's been dating John Miller this businessman and they've been dating for a couple of years now and insiders have been saying that he very much wants to marry her and wants to propose and she just can't be rush when that when you heard that right yeah because then it's like you've got the kids and I just don't understand and when you're very successful financially independent human beings and you already have a family or at least you have children you have to get married what what's the rush I mean it's different for everyone but you know I also think probably for her you know marriage means different things and you carry a lot of weight with what your last marriage was in her marriage was I am sure that being married to Ben Affleck was a ton of work that's what I'm saying to him my question was more to him like what's your hurry yeah yeah I don't know if she if she has one too you mean you saw the relationship yeah I think that's fine but I think it's just that's his intention that here really love to be married yeah you know some people really love to be married being married to something that's really

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