Elizabeth Warren Challenges Michael Bloomberg on 'Kill It' Abortion Comment


We crossed the top of the hour. We continue our coverage of tonight's democratic debate from Charleston South Carolina as we said in the last hour. One of the biggest moments came early on Elizabeth Warren directed at Michael Bloomberg. When I was twenty one years old I got my first job as a special education teacher. I love that job and by the end of the first year. I was visibly pregnant. The principal wished me luck and gave my job to someone else so I packed stuff and I went home. At least I didn't have a boss who said to me. Kill it the way that Mayor Bloomberg never led said to one of them on employees. I never said that they were the record of truism teacher in New York City. She would never have had that problem. We treated our teachers. The right way mayor Bloomberg went on with a longer explanation of what was part of a legal case standing by with Chris Matthews in the Spin Room Senator Elizabeth Warren. Thank you so much Brian. Do you believe that? The former mayor of New York said that to a pregnant employee. Well pregnant employee said that he did. Why shouldn't I believe her? You know I'm just really tired of this world. This one is personal for me. It really is but you aim. Hi pregnancy discrimination is real and we have gone on and on and on where people say. Oh I can't really believe the woman really why not Mayor Bloomberg has nondisclosure agreements. For who knows how many women and it's not just the one the whole point is how can you actually trust someone who will not just say look? I'm going to wave on nondisclosure on sexual harassment and discrimination. Anybody who has a story to tell can come with. Everybody deserves incredible response when they make a charge like that. My question about him. You believe he's lying. I believe the woman you believe. Which was he's not telling the truth and why we live because just to protect themselves. Yeah and why would she? If that's the question why breaking as the Gospel to make sure you're clear about this. You're confident of your accusation. But all I know is what she said what he said and I've been on her end of in the sense of discrimination based on pregnancy. It happens all across this country and men all across this country. Oh my gosh he never would have said. Yeah really okay. Let's talk about redlining that we're talking about an audience down here. A heavily African American Uh constituency down here and just put. These are tough charges. What is it that he did red lining that you believe is bad? Have you seen the video? And which he describes that the housing crisis see there had been redlining and then the government caught involved and forced all of these banks to lend money to poor people and then hit. That's how he describes the housing crisis. That's blaming African Americans and Latinos who were discriminated against on housing for decades. The very act that created a black white wealth gap that persists until this day. He blames that on the people who were victimized by you. Don't here's the thing it's redlining and what happened afterwards. You know after nine hundred and sixty five when redlining was finally made illegal. We just kind of go to neutral laws. African Americans start buying homes at higher rates. And then what happens? The giant banks on Wall Street target African American Communities Target Latino communities for the worst of the worst mortgages stripping whatever wealth had been those homes back away from them of course then took it nationwide and crash. The entice fits complete with your career. I don't I don't doubt a bit of what you've been saying but strategically. Why did you decide to go after Bloomberg tonight and not Bernie Sanders? Who is really rowing? Up The score. Right down this fight so I gotTa Tell You. I think is is the riskiest candidates standing on that stage. He is risky because he's already spent a half a billion dollars nearly as that what he's crowding in on at this point and because he thinks he can buy this election and he puts out on TV with all his millions and millions and millions of dollars this image of Michael Bloomberg that just doesn't fit reality Bernie Sanders. I don't know but I think that he would be view. Worst nominee for the Democrats and he is the worst nominee because he cannot be trusted by the base of the Democratic Party. Let's shift the attention to Bernie Sanders. Who is doing very well right now. You may wind down. And you may wind down here Let me ask you about your your. Very strong statement about him was that you can do a better job as that's that gets to executive ability it gets to relations with other political figures gets to effectiveness. And where do you? Where do you found that? What's your basis for saying it's experience notice your ability as a as a legislator compared to him give me some anecdotal evidence where you are better better president potentially the he is so Bernie and I both wanted to rein in Wall Street of the financial crash of two thousand and eight gave both of us a chance to do that but I was. The one who did the hard work fought with wall. Street fought with the banks built the coalitions and actually one and got the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau passed into law. That's a great accomplishment. Let me ask you giving star where he had to fight against other only have a couple of minutes show host out. I worked on the hill longtime and I watched what could get done. What could I watch the filibuster? Sixty vote requirement every serious legislative initiative. You need sixty votes or at least to the US reconciliation. Which deals with fiscal totals? And you can use that sometimes to just operate with a majority now. Everybody has ideas. You've got much more modest ideas than Bernie in terms of quick this and universality and all that other things how do you get anything through Congress that so fifty fifty divided since the end of fifty fifty roughly one side of the other? You know it's GonNa end up point about I'm willing Mitch. Mcconnell does what he did to Barack Obama them. I'm willing to roll back the filibuster. How many votes does that take the fifty one? Or fifty it can use the nuclear option. Guesswork at look part of it is it. Depends on what Mitch McConnell if he stays in blocking position. But here's the assure agreed to do this. Here's the majority leader's. The party is majority leader. I haven't asked it is. I have been out building the foundation for this for over a year building allies. Because that's how you get things on if we want a president. Who gets things done to look? After the last debate I was a quarter of a million people came to Elizabeth Warren Dot Com. And said I want to join this? I want to be part of this fight. I think that's where we are again tonight. I hope it does go done. You got to think through. How do you have a roll-call Fifty Democrats for maybe a couple of Republicans who will get rid of the filibuster? Do you know what that can happen. So it doesn't happen if you don't get out there and build it when I started fighting for the Consumer Financial Protecion Bureau's do you know what the odds were. They were like ninety nine to one. Nobody thought we could do this. We not only were up against every republic show. We were up against half the Democrats but you stay after eight. You reel it in US pressure from the outside to build the coalition. Sometimes you have to make a compromise. Stark legislation passed with only a fifty fifty situation. What I think because this is an issue. Here's took Ted Kennedy and sixty fifty nine other. Democrats to get sea. It took sixty. And you'RE GONNA burn. You're talking about big changes that you would get in a fifty fifty. Is that health and country. Look what country is where it is progressive or can I have one chance to make transformative change. And we better do it. We better be effective on this. And here's the thing. We cancel that student loan debt. There's no going back. We make that investment in universal childcare. There's no going back. We make that investment in housing. There's no going back that's what we need to do. Make the transformative change. Get it through. And then we're going to hang onto it because we his transformative we will change this country. That's why I'm in the Spike Chris. I can tell thank you very much and everybody knows you mean it. Thank you very much Elizabeth Warren. Us Senator from Massachusetts back

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