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11 Trivia Questions on Cereal Killers



Will bee and welcome to another episode of the Trivia. With Buds. Podcast I'm your host Ryan Butts. Thanks for checking out my show and extra telling a friend about the show somebody that you might play live trivia with on a weekly basis. Somebody that you know that loves board games and PUZZLES ANSWERING QUESTIONS. Those are the people I'm looking for. You can watch the show every single day on Youtube at YouTube dot com slash trivia with buds. And you can go to my website. Anytime TRIVIA WITH BUDS DOT COM. To See all my live events all around southern. California and sometimes all run the country of the United States. I'm wearing thunder. Mifflin hat and getting ready to do a bunch of office trivia too big events coming up here on March twenty first in Apple Valley California off the grid. Brewing will be given away a couple of these hats and some shrimp farms t-shirts a bunch of stickers and other fun stuff from the office we're also doing one at high point brewing in San Dimas California on Saturday April. Eighteenth the week after Easter. So if you love the office and you live near me come play Trivia with me. Those events are both on my website. You Click the banner on the top for the Apple Valley one. I'm going to show off this. This is a muppets lunchbox that I just found. It's in really good shape if you're watching on Youtube it's Looks Pretty Pristine? I got this at a place called a lot of good thrift shop in Upland California and I think it was only two bucks but I thought that was a really cool prize for when I do a Disney Trivia night. I also got this lunch box. You can see behind me. It is the avengers. This one's a little bit more beat up got a little bit more russ to it but also a good price. If I'm doing Disney Marvel Star Wars Trivia somewhere. That would be perfect so I just wanted to show off some of those things. Today's episode is all about a little something called cereal as a kid. I used to eat dry cereal. Which sounds disgusting now but The only cereal I liked with cinnamon toast crunch and to this day. I turned to cinnamon toast crunch quite a bit but I do like heaven milk in it now as an adult cereal without milk is just like granola right. It's kind of dumb but yet today's episode all about cereal and we use this at my trivia nights last week so if you complete trivia with me sometimes you might encounter these rounds you can play again on the show and I thank you for coming out to play with me in southern California anytime you could see all the locations on the Trivia with buds dot com. All right. We're GONNA jump in to eleven questions on cereal and we're GonNa do it right now. Here we go all right here. We go serial killers not the murderer kind but the tasty breakfast kind number one. What cereal is advertised as ten layers of whole-wheat number one? What cereals advertised as ten layers of whole wheat?.

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11 Trivia Questions on Cereal Killers

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