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We're back on gaming fix and Wow it's it's it's interesting So before deciliter started talking about all of his His thing they're smack is back and I challenged Matt deflator deciliter. Whatever his name that guy that one guy Talking that smack to come on the gaining figs and defend what he has to say you know what. Hash it out. I I want you to come on gaining fix and discuss this. What does the Tel Explain Yourself? And if you feel like oh. I explained myself enough on honey. You got suspended aiming to do all right you you heard that deciliter. I'm definitely going to be dropping link onto your channel. 'cause we've been talking to you talking about a lot so expect tags but So this topic came from him as well. But it's a little bit different Basically I was watching his channel. Nieves talking about bands magic bands and he was talking about some cards and one of the cards was like a a colorless you know for it was for too is one one and a gave a plus to to all of All the cards that came into play or something like that and I was like. That's me Ray card. It's not birth banning right. That's what I'm thinking is like but I just so okay. Okay go ahead go ahead. I'm GonNa tell you might thinking on banning. I honestly don't think that any card should be banned because I think that if the card was printed it should be usable and if it's not usable why did you print it. Glorified pocket are. I don't know so you can hang it on your wall and look at it and marvel in wonder right but I I just think that I don't think there's like very few cards. I would ban. I would ban no cards if I if I could get away with it. I ran tournament when I was before. I even had my shop a rounded at the war house. It was called wild magic. It was my rules. My rules were that I allowed unglued cards and I allowed all cards and you could end. You have any of the what was banned Andrew restricted. I had a list of of everything that I was accepting. And I don't think I even had any bans. We we sat there. We look through the list and to decide if there was anything that should be banned and decided point blank period. There is nothing that needed to be banned. Everybody could run whatever they were GONNA run. So all of the Super Combo decks were completely acceptable. You could run to learn academy could run any of those crazy decks but all of the crazy tax could be run and therefore there would it would be You know pretty balanced and people could run their unglued decks and everybody was running older decks and you know what it works. So I don't see a need for a ban okay Given that I would say based on your description of a running games like that and seeing games like that I would say that there are two types of of magic players the kind the Kinda magic player that you and I are most likely like and the content of play that other people are most likely like the kind of magic players that you and I are most likely like are the ones who are more about fun having fun and not caring about you know the rules in how to play the game to the t you know. It's okay if this card is banned. I I don't mind that you're using it as long as everyone's having fun okay. Yeah you're probably GonNa beat me with that card but I you know I should have seen that coming so especially if you if you seen. Someone's Dag which is probably something you don't see very often but if you've played them before and you know they have this card in their deck. Then you should try to modify your decks in some fashion or some sort if you can but My point being I think that for other people who Don't play for fun. Necessarily you know the pro players. Those guys you know and I'm not trying to knock them or anything like that and this is gonNa Sound Derogatory. But those guys are rule mongers they. They love nitpicking about the rules. In the love knowing every detail about how the mechanics of the game works and the love needling people about it and I. Those are the kind of people you really don't want to play with because if you're new you're someone who wants to play for fun because you're not playing for keeps you're playing because you wanna have a great experience with your friends though. Those people aren't your friends you know and the thing is like that's why tournaments. I've never played blue and the recital wouldn't play blue is because I would lose my I would lose my My Lose my my pace because the way that that works is you have to tap untapped to everything at the right pace and if you don't do it at the right pace then it doesn't work because if you tap the monster at the wrong time the just doesn't work so then it makes your card useless if you didn't happen at the right time right. And that's the thing is like if and they'll sit there and they'll be like oh you know 'cause like in a in a friendly game if you didn't untapped your land like if you know you just happen to forget to untapped land you happen to forget untapped this or that or whatever and you're like. Oh Man I forgot hold on. I'll just take care of. It adds no problem but in a less than friendly game or in a tournament game. That's not something that is. Let go ray. It's like Oh you're supposed to draw first and then tap and you didn't so you just didn't get your draw too bad right. I guess you don't have a turn. It's like going to the Pool Hall and playing for money this. Is You know the those guys who who hustle you into a game or two to get you started. You know those those. Those guys aren't your friends. They're just there to get your money. Right right bull. I think some people just you know. Some people enjoy playing the game in a tournament format. And that's necessarily bad. I just think it's a different way of playing. I think that it's just it depends. I mean there's some people that are going to sit there and say okay. We'll this gets me to this conclusion. The quickest so this is what I'm going to play but I I know for a fact if you take a good tournament deck and you WanNa play for fun sees. You're not going to have a good time and people aren't GonNa WanNa you know like I had a friend. He had a game. He had a deck called Cowboy And Cowboy it was called cowboy because it was draw in all it was was it was lueders. I'll know if you know Luder does but basically it's it taps and it makes you draw card okay. So he would do that and then he would put the meg rooms out and so basically what he was doing was he was just making you. Draw yourself out and then damaging you with the meg rooms and stuff and you know that kind of one of those Kinda decks where it's like sitting there just ping you by taking your cards okay. That's not a fun game to play with. You know with people. You know where it's not a tournament it's not a question of how fast is at deck because that's going to be really cool you know. I guess it's I guess it'd be a lot like You know taking your indy five hundred car out out on a cruise. You know what? I mean You can open it up if you do. Open it up. You're GONNA you know you're going to mess up the cruise. Everybody sitting there. They're they're all cruising in their in their fifties cars in your you. Bring your indy five hundred car. Not Your Indy. Five hundred year Your Formula One. Racer you know one. You look really out of place right. You stick out like a sore thumb right it just like you know if you're sitting there playing a casual game and someone's like okay cool and they're opening hand is like Black Lotus at mocks You know you're going to be like. Oh Wow I guess you're gonNA YOU'RE GONNA win the game. 'cause you you paid for it buddy you paid for it. 'cause rally is like if in your deck you have and. I don't think I live within them. Marx's or black lotuses should be banned then I just think they should be reprinted because I'd be funny. Okay so if you come up against the mocks in a black load is are you basically saying you should scoop no not at all? Because it's only a okay so all a black lotus or a Anna Anna mocks combination does is. It means that that person can play four Mana on. I turn which means that they have a much faster than you automatically but you can win. Okay all right. It's just like a faster car. That's why the analogy actually works pretty well like Formula One. You know it's like it's a faster car but there's other ways that you can still beat that car okay. I get the analogy. Now the way you were describing it for some reason it made it sound like oh I have like a God mode power card so I automatically when the game no. It's nothing like that but it is A. Here's the thing. Okay a black right now. Last time I checked is between three to six thousand dollars. I'm sorry What a Black Lotus is close to three to six thousand dollars? Wow and because of that. If somebody has one in their opening hand they were clearly more concerned about the game than you were most likely ray or have different ways of seeing the game. I myself do not. I'm not willing to put myself into bankruptcy for a again that I'm having fun with unlike. Is that a practice. He knows real baby. Oh in most cases it is because what they'll do is they'll put it in the In their plastic case and they'll play a proxy Okay because they don't want to get it all scratched up because it's a three to six thousand dollar car also. There's the possibility you're playing somebody. Could you know five finger discount it? That'd be bad exactly. That's why I'm like you either. Tell them you win or get the heck out of my store us with the with the hot merchandise. Right so yeah. I don't know I think nobody your thoughts on banning You know I used to think that there should be some cards that get banned. But then I feel like you're wasting your money on cards that you could be playing with in as someone who likes to play or see all the possibilities that come forth from every single combination cards that have been coming to creation. I fill that banning only limits the possibilities. And that's really not fair to your customer base. If anything you're Kinda cheating them right right on. I think that's true. I mean. I think that wizards would probably use the analogy. That they're trying to be fair. How's it fair that I don't get to use these cards? It's no I'm saying that they feel like they're trying to be fair because they're trying to make you know things more even for the players is their thoughts. But I don't know like sometimes I gotta say though. Wizards has never really aimed that. I've seen against the secondary market as much as like you has you has lake had cards..

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