Three Approaches for Doubt and Mistrust

Secular Buddhism


And now this jump right into the discussion around the Zenko on that was shared in the last podcast episode. So this Cohen says one day. Chaozhou fell in the snow and called out. Help me help me help me up. Held ME UP. A monk came and lay down beside him. Chow Chu got up and went away. And that's it. That's the Cohen. And I WANNA share first of all some of the thoughts that come from the Patriot community. Because as you know I've mentioned we we have discussions around the podcast in around the Cohen. And I WANNA share some of these thoughts so ellen says quote this is what the Co on makes me think of when experiencing difficulty emotions like grief or depression and your loved ones. Want to help. But there's no way to pull you out of those feelings or make them go away so often. The best way to help is just to be with you. While you're feeling them the feelings can run their course with someone you love by your side until you have the strength to get up on your own close quote and I agree with Allen's assessment here I think oftentimes we try to help someone and our way of helping isn't helpful and other times. You know all we really need to do is be with someone and just by being with them like in this case the monk lays down beside him and that's all it that's all he needed. Chaozhou got up and went away is what it says. Okay Matt says quote I think it is an example of reactivity chow falls and his initial reaction is to panic. He fears that he cannot free himself from the situation. The monk comes in lies beside him to show him that. The situation is not a crisis he too is lying in the snow and did so voluntarily in doing so one can see that there is no emergency lows quote. This is an interesting take on it. I hadn't thought about it from that perspective but I think again with these. Cohen's you know this is a an invitation for you to extract meaning or whatever you're going to get out of it for you and it's Kinda cool. That Matt stalled this. This is kind of a different angle to it that I think is accurate. And a lot of instances in life where we are in a situation and we're thinking how Megan to do this but it's helpful to know that somebody else has been in this situation and they were able to find a way to to cope with it or deal with it then I can too and I know I felt that before and honestly I think a lot of us are feeling this. Now with everything that we're going through with the lockdowns in the With with the covert nineteen. I was telling my wife this the other day how much more difficult it would be to face these uncertainties in terms of jobs and the potential financial repercussions. If if I knew this was just happening to me but somehow by knowing that the whole world is trying to figure out what to do about work in about Income and things like that somehow makes it so much less stressful. Because I know it's not just me. We're all trying to figure it out and that's kind of what Matt is talking about here so I I like that thought. I think there's something there to it. Suzanne says quote this Cohen. Really resonated with me and I was reminded of the key. Idea of Montessori. Education helped me to do it on my on. Chaozhou asks for someone to help him help them up. Which would be quite a passive way of reacting to the present situation like a child asking their parents to do something for them. Instead the monk lies down and shows Chow Chu the passivity of his response. Once having realized this Chaozhou is able to act for himself it up under his own steam and walk away and then she says it it also reminds me of the raft analogy the monk and his compassion are the raft which enables Chow Chu to get up and leave behind the monk. Which is the wrapped? Close quote. It's always fascinating to hear other people's perspectives on these stories. Because we're all in different places in life we've had different experiences in life and we see things from a unique vantage point. And that's what I thought of when I was reading Suzanne's take on this. Like what a cool way to see that again from a perspective that hadn't crossed my mind and the correlations that she's drawing that hadn't crossed my mind and I liked them They make a lot of sense to me and then I wanNA finish with one more with Nancy's thoughts so nancy says quote. This Cohen makes me think about when I have a problem or situation that is troubling me and I turned to a friend or a loved one for help. The best help I have received is when that person simply sits with me and listens close quote and that's getting back to kind of the way Ellen talked about it and what I kind of took from it. Which is that sometimes. The best help is the help. That's just being with someone and not actually trying to help that certainly a lesson. I took away from it and I think sometimes we see this in our own lives that the best way to help someone to just sit and be with them and to not try to help in fact. Oftentimes the trying to help makes the problem worse. I know I've experienced that Both as the receiving on the receiving end of that but also on the other end where. I'm the one who's trying to help and I'm catching myself that my health is not helping him. I don't know if you've experienced that would assume some of you have. You can kind of correlate this also with the concept of teaching people to fish instead of giving fish I've correlated this a little bit with the thought of with my kids like teaching them how to think rather than what to think so. Yeah my mind has gone to a lot of different places with this co on. But at the end of the day I like visualizing Chow Chu Falling in the snow. And calling help me up helped me up. And then among laying there next to him and Chacha just gets up and walks away These little stories can always be unpacked to gain a lot of perspectives and thoughts and teachings and again. There's never a right answer. The point wasn't the answer. The point was what did it make you think of in the process of thinking maybe learned something about yourself. I think that's what's cool about these. Cohen's

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