Noisy by Nature: Elephant Seals



Welcome to noisy by nature my name. He's an my favorite thing to do is to use my ears and listen to the different. Sounds that night makes. I love the sound of frogs and when the wind how but my favorite sounds of the weed ones and I have a very funny one for you. Today I am in the middle of the ocean. Well I'm not in the ocean. Exactly I'm on a teeny tiny island halfway between Australia and then Tactica no matter which direction I look. I can't see any other land out there and we that any other land to protect me from the wind. I'm nearly getting blood up my fate. A newly lost my hat. I think I need to get out of the swings. Walk down to the beach. I think it'll be more protected from the winds who that's been season a normal beach though. The whole beach is covered in smooth round pebbles and rocks. Can you hear the waves sh? I'm going to try and walk to the other end of the beach. Lets us out is to listen to all the things along the way speeches. He's really busy. Actually it's really noisy back. That's squawking is coming from some blackened. What Birds Rolling around the beach? Do you know what birds they might be obtained wins. They can't fly but they can swim. What else can you hear? This is strange noise. Coming from those huge Brown lumps lying on the beach. Very weird noise. It's sounds a little bit rude. Those creatures they have long Brown bodies we the short flipper like tail. Tiny little dog is and two flavors that are kind of like hands and some of the bigger ones. They have a really big long knows all my slacking elephants trunk. They must be elephants seals. Think they doing a big fluffy. I don't think they're fluffing. I think the sounds are coming from their mouths or maybe their noses funny. I think the little baby elephants seals are talking to them. Mums making sure. They don't go too far away and the Huge Dad Elephant. Seals are on patrol. So no other. Dads get too close to this but on the beach. Oh the data elephant seals enormous. They are the only ones with those speak noses to did you know that Dad elephant seals are so big that they can be heavier than I car. That is very heavy. No wonder they just lie on the beach like these. It must be hard for them to move on. I'M NOT GONNA get too close. I don't want to fry it to them and they frighten me a little bit too because then so be excuse me that are look very graceful on land but when they're in the ocean they glide through the water we'd this smooth bodies and special flippers. They can dive down deep towards the bottom of the ocean to find food. They can even hold their breath for up to two hours. That's really long time. Elephants seals can be found all around Antarctica and its nearby islands. What are we nature sound?

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