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Of course the The the mobile phone and android world has been affected by a covert one. Thousand Nine Hundred Krona viruses affectionately known as the entire world is kind of going under lockdown for that Really interesting to see the ramifications of the things that have impacted The Mobile Tech World. I up Samsung actually offering through their Samsung Service. Centers and Galaxy experience stores in nineteen countries A service to disinfect. Your smartphone You've probably read online already. In addition to washing your hands for twenty seconds and All the other things you can do to protect yourself Cleaning and disinfecting. Your phone is important because phones can grab a little things and you carry them with the stick to your face. That's pretty bad So if you are Samsung owner of a phone you can bring them into one of their Their service centers and they will clean your smartphone using UV light Which will kill all bacteria and viruses on surface on cer- on the surface of the phone and it's basically a free service that's going to be available to all customers. In nineteen countries United States Argentina Chile Croatia Denmark Finland Japan Korea Malaysia New Zealand Norway Pakistan Peru Poland Russia Spain Sweden Ukraine and Vietnam I I think this is great. And it's a service to offer to people accept that requires you go to the store. Which now is kind of against the thing I'm wiping my phone net. At every chance I get or you guys take any precautions to to keep your phones clean. Go ahead mister shown. Yeah the yeah the show. Yeah I've been trying to keep mine clean good. I work from home. So it's not as much of a concern. But whenever I get a chance I tried to wipe it down at least and you know a swap out cases because I have the ability to do that because I'm overloaded with cases over here but yeah is important and I think Samsung doing great especially because it's not just Samsung phones at least according to One of the support pages. I just hope it is. It will keep going even though you know stores are being shut down. If they're not essential link the grocery stores and stuff but I hope that It'll keep going because it's something that people are definitely need to him hines. Es It's the kind of service he can't turn people away for so. I'm glad that they're if not just Samsung. Owners are limited to it. And what precautions. Are you taking well for me here in the PRUITT? How so we have similar to. What Samsung Issues? We have Foam soap is just a box that has UV light in it. And you stick your phone in it. Close live walk away in about sixty seconds or two minutes later. It's it's tentative in a New York. Pet that device for a couple years now and we tried to use it. You know to heating and air kind of thing but now we're really trying to push the habit of using something like this phone soap device because it doesn't take a lot of effort other than just being mindful to satisfy sanitize your devices because these things could get pretty filthy especially if you have you know teenage boys like I do. We all know how disgusted teenage boys can be

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