'DOOM Eternal' Day One Impressions

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Other game. That is out that I've been able to play or is coming out or sounds like is that now. If you go the game stop boy. It still takes me a second to is doom that new doom do maternal. I enjoying it so far. What do you plan on? I'm playing on first of all the Difficulty I'm playing on is something with a vicious in it. What's the third one? The third one down the ARD difficulty not necessarily the extreme difficulty. There's there's abby there's like seven difficulties so it's like There's like I think very easy easier. And then on the third one and then it goes down from there. Wasn't anything said. This is the way it was meant to be played or at least. I didn't see that so it right. Picked one that it sounded like it was the normal ish And it's fairly difficult. I'm still getting my doom legs back under me. I will say that in my steam library where I'm playing it. After I put the code in for it and then had to do a bunch of other stuff and went to go download the game I typed doomed to into my steam library and a download it in like a second and I was like. Whoa okay is this like a preloader something and it was the old doom to clearly right. Yes do material I think it looks great. I think the humor so. They're showing a lot more of doom guy's face through the mask which. I don't I've got mixed feelings about I. I kinda like him as just like robot a no personality demon killing machine and the setup so far has been a little Just jump right in you. Know Hell Hell. Hell on earth jump right in so all the narrative stuff a side which I think. I'm still kind of figuring out. I don't know why the demons are sometimes fighting against each other. Ask Brad one in the morning. But he didn't ask. Inter me what's that women? Wars Demon wars. I'm not sure the majors in May the demons and now like fighting but the action is great. I'm still getting into that chainsaw. Guys for the AMMO Mercy kill rip and tear for the health and then I just got the flame thrower thing for or shards and haven't played too much more than that. I am up to I did the first kind of opening area. Okay I think I've played a little further than you have I have the PS four version. I started out on the difficulty and I will not I I will feel no shame in saying that I have dialed it back to the easiest a couple of times. I have not This kicking my ass and I to be fair I was not the best. Doom two thousand sixteen player. I got through it. I played it. I enjoyed it a lot. I played on the default difficulty. This one is meaner and I. I don't take that necessarily as a negative. I think that it's understandable. It's just that some of the things that are meaner about it. I maybe not as enamored West so I had a lot of trouble with the Iraq. Metron is that the spider with a grenade launcher on smack. Yeah that's the first guy that killed me multiple times. Yeah he shreds you if you the first time you know. I'm going around the game not taking any cover and then it was the first time I had to kind of like hide behind a wall. 'cause it's very Connecticut Game Right. You're just kind of like you know going going going. And then I had like duck and think about it for a while and really use that Sticky bomb to take that down. That guy is hard and everytime it pops up it it means. I'm probably GONNA die. But so far. I love the atmosphere. I love the music and the kind of combat arenas when the the metal kicks in and the the whole. The vibe kind of sense tingles down my spine. When a when it's all working correctly but yeah it's hard. Yeah I I agree I think the still the highlight of the game for sure is the moments when it's just like hey you are in an arena environment and they are just gonNa keep throwing demons at you until there are no more demons to throw at you. That is when the game is at its best most frenetic even when it is hard in those situations I those are the those are the puzzles. I WANNA solve like those are the things. I'm willing to kind of beat my head against in in trying to figure out the best way to do the problem. I'm having and it's not that they're necessarily that much harder or anything. It's just that the emphasis on the platforming which I am to understand gets a lot more emphatic. As time goes on I've already run into a few Platforming puzzles that. I did not really enjoy. And it's not that the mechanics aren't good or like you know. The the puzzles are easily. We can't suss out what you're supposed to do is just that. I don't think they're that fun. Like they're the platforming Dune two thousand sixteen was there. It was effective worked when they they had you doing it but it was never really felt like the point Here it feels a little more like part of the points and I don't know that I like that very much. So are you guys playing you said? Ps Four right now. I'm on PS four and veneer keyboard on PC. I am so far but I might switch over to controller if I play my stealing. Oh well of course but have you like is it near or just some first person shooters. I find when I'm playing on PBS. Absolutely have to do mouse and keyboard and then some first person shooters on PC. I'm like maybe this is like a controller thing so that's a great question because I can't remember what I did for the two thousand sixteen doom one. When did I can't remember exactly what I did there. But yeah you're right plane this with a mouse and keyboard I think about playing with a controller and it seems like my mind feels impossible but clearly clearly. It's not let the frenetic pace of it you know as I'm kinda rolling around trying to target that little thing on the spiders back. Direct neutrons back. Yeah maybe maybe there's a there's a very good auto says I'm going to try it and see how it is with a controller for sure But for now it's medicine keyboard. I also I was GONNA say I. I also am not maybe feeling the overall narrative tone of this one quite as much as I was feeling doom by sixteen out of the gate It's a little less irreverent. A little less like nod and winky like there are still parts where we'll zoom in on doom guy. Not Listening to someone telling him to do something and just being kind of general dickey still punches doors all the time and punches everything for that matter but like within twenty sixteen in the beginning of that game like the opening of that game it was just like. Oh this is what you're doing right out of the gate like it hit. It had the right. It felt right right from the from the get-go this it kind of felt like they kind of drop you in in the middle of stuff happening and it doesn't really have much humor or really anything to kind of draw you in other than hey. There's some helps go get him and it and the amount of text in like Codex stuff that you are kind of getting out of it like I've been reading that stuff and none of it's really been that compelling so

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