Tom Brady & the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The GM Shuffle


While the suspense is over. We now know that Tom. Brady's me going to Tampa. Bay buccaneers thirty million dollars per season. Which was what Michael Lombardi had predicted? It was going to take to sign Brady. Twenty Seasons forty-one Playoff Games thirty playoff wins tour in one thousand nine regular season. Wins SIX SUPER BOWLS. Three League? Mvp's seventy four. Thousand five hundred. Seventy one passing yards and five. Hundred and forty-one touchdown passes Tom Brady is leaving New England. Mike. Quite a resumes. Put up the greatest player and NFL history and the box have not had a pro bowl quarterback since two thousand fifteen when James Winston was a rookie and look at the town he's got now Evans and Godwin OJ Howard. And so on you. And I were thinking charges. But you'd said charges or bucks and Tampa Bay now that we know it makes a lot of sense because the offensive weapons and as you would sit yesterday's pod and of course you can check it all the GM shovels. We talked with Tom. Brady and detail. The key is that Bruce. Arians is willing to adjust his offense four. Tom Brady yeah no doubt I mean first of all I think in talking to some people yesterday proximity to New York was really important to like. He wanted to be able to get on an airplane. Fly Back to a you know whether he buys a home in Greenwich or somewhere. After a game on Sunday fly back spent a couple of days his family come back to Tampa and do that so that was important. Easy flight turnaround so that was there and look. This is just a tremendously great. Human being I mean Brady literally face timed most of the people that he worked with at the Patriots yesterday. Obviously being safe from People Xinhau and not could he could see anybody facetime and thanked him. I mean you're talking about one of the great human beings and it didn't work out a New England for a lot of different reasons but I think now. Tom Gets to become a little bit like manning he gets to be able to go down to Tampa he can run his offense however he can put the offense and there's just no chance no chance Byron left. Which is telling Tom Brady what he's going to run right. There's just no chance of that. Nor is Bruce Arians. I think we'll definitely see. There's been a lot of reports out there about Antonio Brown. I think we'll definitely see Antonio Brown in a buck uniform. Add more skill and I'm sure they've promised him they're going to rebuild the offensive line. But he's going to have a say. I mean Jason Light. The general manager of the Tampa. Bay buccaneers has just hired an assistant general manager. His name Tom Brady and they're going to do everything in their power to make Brady happy. They've already increased ticket sales on season tickets. It's of fork for them. We'll see if it works out. It's amazing to think Mike. And you know this with your time in New England but the Patriots Way and where guys go Mike. Rebel is traded the chiefs Randy Moss shift to the Vikings. Vince will work with the Texans Adam. Vegetarian a great second career the colts and your window. Now it's going to happen. Tom Brady with Tampa Bay. Like you said Byron left which is oh see. He's Tom Brady tells him and he's got lots of weapons. Right there Evans is probably the best receivers play with since Randy Moss. And now you can see why the line is already jumped at. The box. Went from forty to one odds to twenty to one odds to win the Super Bowl. He gets paid which is important as you would guest thirty million dollars a year. That's what he's GonNa get didn't make sense for economics but here's the key. I think when it comes to Tom Brady is. How much does he have left the tank and for all the Brady fans they would say listen? His receivers couldn't hold onto his passes right. He did not have enough weapons around him. Well now he's got the weapons and if you believe that. Brady's still got some magic left for a couple of seasons with clearly his leadership and his Moxie and his talent and a smart board than anything will lift this team higher to where they go. Jameis Winston. They're seven losses a seven of the nine losses. Last year had eighteen turnovers guy was turnover machine. So theory is as long as it doesn't make those turnovers completes passes gets things done. There's no reason why the box to have very quick turnaround next season. No doubt and I mean look todd. Bowles has done a great job with their defense and they've got more cap room to spend on what they WANNA do. We don't know what the structure of the Brady contract is. But the idea that there wasn't a market for Brady. Obviously there was a huge market for him at thirty million made more than Philip rivers at twenty-five we'll talk about him in a moment but I think for the first time in his life. Tom Brady wanted to be able to go somewhere and kind of do what he wanted to do. You know and to be. I don't WANNA call Patriot like but I mean for the Patriots to spend thirty million on a quarterback and then spend more money in free agency that violates their culture. That violates everything. They believe in and for him to do what he wants to do what she deserves to do at this point in his life. He's earned it to go out and kind of be. I think this is like a great coach. Who finally wants to be able to run his program right. You know. I've been operating in this system but now I want to go into another system and that's how I look at this with Brady's movement I mean he was never going to be able to do what he truly wanted to do in New England. Now he can do it there. He can do it in Tampa and no one's GonNa tell him he can't. I think the concern. You have to have a few of the box. Is You know. Tom Has got to relate to some of these younger players. And that's GonNa be you know. We spent a Lotta time understanding millennials in New England understanding. How he's going to relate to that because there is a huge gap between Tom and these other players. I think getting someone like Antonio Brown in there who tom loves will help them. I know that sounds crazy. But it'll help the other players in the room kind of have a relationship. Can you imagine? Antonio Brown's the great pacify higher. I mean can you imagine that? I'm saying that seriously. They give out that eighty. He's the bridge so if they did that and they improve their offensive line.

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