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LeBron: 'Never' have closure over Kobe's death


And on Tuesday night the Lakers staged the game at the staples center the very place where the Kobe Bryant memorial service and celebration of life's life event went on one day there was a lot of conjecture about lebron James was he there were was he what was he doing how was he morning how was he grieving he said on Tuesday afternoon by that he was never going to get closure for Colby's tragic death and maybe as we wait for lebron to comment after the Lakers beat the pelicans Tuesday night one twenty three to one thirteen he will talk about what it was like to be on that court a little bit more than twenty four hours after that spectacle that unbelievable event where a lot of tears were shed Michael Jordan I created another Jordan crying Jordan meme meme of the amazing courage and perseverance of Kobe's wife an S. and what she said in her eulogy about her late husband in late thirteen year old daughter but you still just if you know S. I say that it's still kills me to

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