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Business Capabilities


Alex. The topic you covered was a business capabilities and especially for those who might be listening. Who or whom the topic might be esoteric. You provide a bit of a definition as well as why you thought it was a relevant topic for work. Yeah absolutely Allow me to start with the definition because let me hear business. Capabilities may have different concepts Items minds so when we talk about business capabilities really. Talking about the organizational competencies that brings strategies to live at all levels and across the organization. They essentially the organizational building blocks that established the vital connection and the accountability between forward looking strategies and actions. I would say they are close to the lifeblood of the organization They determine the value of business impact but also the value of business outcomes I would say that particularly particularly relevant Because they are as part of Quad competencies and business capabilities if you the old concept However the extent to which technology determines business success irrespective of whether you are technology company are not as never been greater than today business capabilities ensure that the business center city and the business outcome oriented focus off leaders and execution out on targets. They allowed the assessments. The mapping and the focus off an execution they allow us and the executives to math improve and evolve organizational structures and go well beyond project. A productive element lifecycles You know from our conversations and collaboration with the technology and business executives across many industries. The Voice of the seniormost technology executive has never had more weight We see that in the CIO boss and beyond CIO roles That you have extensively written and spoken about as well as the realities are fines executive leadership teams and the board rooms. The people we interact with Administrator James and Peter let me talk a little bit about the outlook so what do business capabilities look like So I think As the convergence of business and technology continues Probably ever faster pace And probably more foundational ways For both organizations and consumers I think the maturation and evolution of business capabilities will gain importance. I believe the focus will continue to shift and frankly broaden from business capabilities to more integrated business and technology and digital strategies and ways in which organizations can improve the agility and thereby ability to prepare for strategic to its As a final point I would say that the ability to make these pivots and to adjust to changes that can come from the internal environment maybe the ultimate litmus test of how much you're any given business capability really is And that's one of the many ways in which we Showcase business capabilities and use them job on his Asia tour of improve. That's great at Alex. The two executives that you spoke with about this topic where Angela. Yocum the chief digital and technology officer of Navan held. I should mention. She was also the chief information officer rent a center. Vp international the CTO of Astra Zeneca prior to that and Somali Godbolt Executive Vice President and chief information officer of lows who had previously been the senior vice president of technology digital at target prior to our time. At Lowe's talk a bit about This topic in how relates to these two executives in their companies. Yeah I'm glad through so So I think what's really wonderful. Is that not only? Are we able to To be able to talk to a very high caliber of pima executives We also have able to to talk to Executives will represent very different industries the industries that the respective organizations in so no one held is a fast growing in the healthcare space They are not not for profit organization. with five billion dollars revenue But their customers I ultimately their patients. And there's almost one hundred million of them in the case of November out And they really come to the organization With their most important questions than needs relating to their health and their well being So as the as a C. D. O. N. Seal With the CIO reporting to her Angela has a huge bug. Voluble a very broad range of business capabilities. That she's really in charge off and that ranges from things like digital health Which has been a major focus for Angela and health but it also includes things like patient. Care these are really century-old capabilities But then he terming as I said the health and wellbeing The customer syndications So that critically important so I would say really. There's few industries that have seen so many life changing opportunities that I mean possible or realized through technology S. Healthcare and there's certainly plenty of potential for future innovation in the healthcare space On the other hand ends and her team do not only drive the advancement advancement of patient. Care but they're also operate in a world Takes lots to be a leader She operates bay diverse and interdisciplinary team. just remember that Angeles. Ps for example Combination of business leaders scientists and doctors. And you can imagine that leadership in that space Comes with a lot of cultural challenges and business challenges and Angela them every day and that makes a lot of interesting insights when it comes to business capabilities

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