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COVID-19 test backlog leaves tens of thousands in "constant worry"


Corona virus testing continues to be a problem test results are pending for tens of thousands of potential patients do it to a nationwide backlog it's left hospitals and commercial labs still scrambling I think you you want to know what's going on with your body and then what you might be facing you know further ahead my coffers says he was left without answers for eight days after taking a covert nineteen test you're in this constant worry of you know is you know he's gonna wake up and more yes he can wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air his wife Lisa said the lack of information also left friends and family wondering if they were exposed in the meantime not only can we not get answers but we can't give answers to our employers to our friends to our family people that we have been around in a couple weeks before my next test was administered by his local urgent care but even national groups like lab core are reporting turnaround times of four to five days and quest diagnostics tells CBS this morning it is still working to clear eighty thousand tests from its backlog that's down from one hundred sixty thousand tests nearly two weeks ago should the private laboratories be doing more I think everybody needs to be private labs are part of the solution my sense is that they are working as as hard as they can Dr she's job is the director of the Harvard global health institute without testing you don't know how much disease there it is you can't isolate people who are infected you can't make treatment plans for people who are infected hospital officials say testing also helps the manage resources

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COVID-19 test backlog leaves tens of thousands in "constant worry"

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