John Doesn't Like Animal Crossing

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Animal. Crossing is a game that came out at the beginning of all this lockdown nonsense that we are taking seriously and is not nonsense whatsoever and where you inhabit human and the town of animals and you can catch fish you can you can. You can grow trees of Fruit. You can go into debt to a raccoon and tell everyone where to live because no one can make a decision except you. I think that's pretty accurate. And also you can fish in it which is Germane to the current conversation. Yeah and also takes place entirely in real time. Yeah it's real time based meeting. Every day is counted as a day in. Munster counted as months. This is a rudimentary explanation. The point being that tomorrow as April first and that means that's a new month and so a bunch of insects and a bunch of fish are going to go away because March has ended. Wait hold on which insects go away the Emperor Butterfly. I don't remember any of the other ones. I'm sorry okay. I think I've got that butterfly. I think I've got that butterfly on lock. Yeah what makes me a little sad as a animal crossing from just the Cultural Zeitgeist on twitter that I have been plugged into some Sasol started. They've been talking about animal. Crossing being this nice relaxing game or you can like kick your feet up. Catch a few fish trade in apron to a deer and get like a tracksuit and return. It's like this nice relaxing time and then all of a sudden yesterday everyone started freaking out because now a fish is gonna go away until December. Yes Oh nine months before you can catch the fish again unless you travel to. Someone who's island is in the Southern Hemisphere. That's an entire baby. John. It isn't entire baby. It's a long time and maybe this is the speaks to maybe a larger philosophical point about animal crossing. But I remember so the first animal crossing when it came out I was a crushingly into I played that game basically every day for like three years. Wow wait the one that came out on the Gamecube. Yeah I did basically everything in the original animal crossing. While was there even to do in the original animal crossing. You know amazingly pretty much exactly the same things there are to do in the new one. That's kind of interesting because the new one and seems like it's newer. It's newer I mean in the original animal crossing. You couldn't travel to other towns as easily. I guess really. It's largely the same except they end crafting but I did pretty much everything in that but when that came out I was a child and now as a fully fleshed man yes as a man of as a man of full flesh as an adult of thirty. I start to wonder now about animal crossing because I'm having significantly less fun and I think a lot of it has to do with like a fear of missing out like if I don't catch this fish I'm not going to be able to have suspicion for nine months Whereas when I was a child those things didn't enter. My mind is like things to be worried about. Yeah I think it's really interesting right now because I played I guess the one that was on the way. I think it was called city folk. And there's a similar thing in that game whereas as the months change different bugs different fish show up and disappear etcetera but now in the wake of this this corona virus landscape where like two months ago. I had diagnosed idea that this is where we would be an effort rooms talking over a voice only Internet p. And like practicing social distancing Texas almost heading toward a lockdown and whatnot so like in nine months what what. What's the world going to be like when I can catch the string fish again and I think maybe that has something to do with people's mania about this fish which by the way? Quick fish tip. I think you can only catch it at the top of a cliff so you need a ladder to get thank Ray The the string fish for those of you. Who Don't know and this is going to be completely useless to you. When this comes out but I can only be caught on the clifftop rivers so if you have an elevated platform or a plateau near the river on your quipped to Catch Yourself. String fish But I think that's something that's pretty interesting that's happening and this is true not only in as as Germane to animal crossing but his true pretty much for everybody is the number of things that we have to care about now is actually pretty significantly truncated. Because we've taken most social obligations out of the sphere of things that we actually need to worry about. So I think honestly if you looked at things I could worry about or could be doing before everything happened it numbered and maybe the low hundreds but now I think the things I have to worry about is maybe eight and one of those things is animal crossing so I worry about a lot more than I would otherwise. Yeah I mean. Remove me from the situation that we're currently in number one. I wouldn't own animal crossing. Yes same probably. Yeah I wouldn't have gone bought this game if I didn't no. I was going to be locked in my apartment for the unknowable future. I would have skipped it over for. I don't know another game Really I only purchased it because I knew what was coming. I was like Oh. This'll be a welcome distraction. But even though I was deeply in love with the original animal crossing and I played the one on the D. S. new leaf. Maybe yeah I think that what was called New Leaf But whatever the DS was I played that But other than that I have not purchased or cared about animal crossing since the release of whatever the second one was so I would not have purchased this game where we not in this situation so really I think without what's going on right now. Neither of US would be this invested in the lives of our animal villagers

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