Arsenal Crash Out of Europa League



Kick things off in the League also against Olympiakos. What a dramatic ending to the game but also without one win in Greece. They didn't they make it through. However Olympia with council out in the second half of this game. See say with the go after avenue for what that would take us into extra-time a brilliant goal from Obama fantastic scissor-kick would make one one on the night two one on aggregate. That would be enough but then arriving in the last minute of extra time would score. That would see Olympia Costco through on the away. Goals robot away the late John Through family. And who you put your house on scoring. How did he puts it wide. Also out of the euro per league. We'll talk to the boys in the studio. And let's stop. Shall we Juliana wrong? Jules we know a big heart piece. Your heart isn't ps some of reserved for arsenal gutted. I think it's a tough nut to take forward the the author funds the of the way happened. Obviously with the the late Gore fall got goose and die by Obama young in the last minute of added time of extra time but also let's be honest. It was a poor performance. I think the attitude was no rights. They looked to be complacent. That no Sean Tiger. For the first one seventy five minutes of that game so in the end is the harsh defeat any Sahara eliminatation but also on the night tonight. There was just off the game too much. Who Do you blame more Stevia Pammy late missile David Lewis and he's defending? I think I think at the end of the day we'll mistakes as players and the players led from the mistakes and what dovid Louise didn't do. He didn't learn from his mistake with the first goal. Because you're in zone regardless of the opposition when the ball comes in your area you have to attack the ball. He didn't do it and didn't learn because the bulls flung again at the end of the game and he didn't attack it so at at an absolutely avid louise. It's an ongoing issue. Without defendants said pieces is a problem area for them and Wyoming end score is a great goal and even after all the struggles that you've had in this game he's gray goal and now you're through. All you have to see is the last two minutes of the match. And then that's it you're going to the next round. It wasn't pretty. It was it was. It must have been learning experience for us. And that's the way that I would have spun this whole story. But you're not able to defend properly said peace and then see you guys later take. Here's the other thing. I was here about Arsenal for whatever reason they thought that after winning the first game the first late one nothing that it was it was all done. That's the way they approach is game as if they had already advanced. The truth of the matter is that where arsenal is right now. They're not good enough to be complacent they're not good enough to like energy. They're not good enough to just be a team that is going to show up and you'll say now we just going to play around on. We'll see our way through to the next round. They're not good enough to be doing that. The players know that but the problem is that they cannot find any sort of consistency with their level of play. One day they look good the next day. They don't look so good one they look okay then the next day. Look what the one thing that they've been consistent about is poor defending set pieces Steve. I'll tell ya after the game. Lambasting his defense four goals conceded in last two matches from set pieces. Surely this is something you can work on in the training ground isn't it? I know that we talked about the personnel. The arsenal have and. It's not good enough but surely this is something you can actually physically help with. On a day to day train. You can work on the train and field all day every day seven days a week but if you have players who don't get it and they'll tell you they get but then they step on the field and continue to make the same mistakes and that's exactly what are still have been doing for the last two or three seasons defensively so the comes at time and I've been seeing all year long. The comes a time when it's not about the tactics or the coach. A suburb and Avid Louise. In particular has shown time and time again. He's making mistakes as a set of bike and it's cost and his team and until there's a change until Louise's moved that position and a better players and as you asked me you can walk all day long on an Infield but if you've got players who can't do the job isn't changing Joe's big picture. How big is this defeat for our so considering you up an argument was a great chance to qualify for the Champions League? Yes huge blow. Because of that obviously because that was maybe the easiest way because they can still finish fifth save city are buying for next. Season's Champions League they only four points behind but you would fancy that competition. So that's used blows so she's reforming ties went because he's a proper step back of why you've been trying to do and the resort. That been okay since he took over. There's been some improvement on the on. The field on the field going forward especially attacking wise defensively still issues and he has an address them well enough at the moment and avenue for him. It will be a setback and I think this issue tonight. Psychologically they go again on Monday night in the ETHICA. That's a hell of a tricky game away from home against a team that would have nothing to lose in a cup game in a hosted environments against the team that is playing really well in the lower leagues but also a team that would love that kept Gammon love trying to put more pressure on us on especially after tonight so the next few games will be very important for the where artists are trying to get his plays back on track for Monday. Night's

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