Bitcoin Battles $10,000


Active weekend and we still still tinkering around pretty cables right now. So let's talk about that. Let's discuss the elephant in the room that everybody is saying is very aware of and ten thousand so bitcoin over the weekend I actually found a long. I am long becoming stalking this position. For quite some time and The candle in the crowd on the two-day shot. I'm very happy to belong here. of the day with. I'M GONNA make a profit or not or ought I do know that my promo ability success is reasonably high bicester my trading records. But you never want to win is gonNA come. You don't know if it's destroyed all the next tried. You know that is if you flip the coin a hundred times in this guy to be a stretch re probably gonNA flip and land on towels five times and arrive at the probability of coming back to it being even author. Honda tosses is very very hot necessarily my trading okay. I'm I'm flipping the coin. I'm following the same strategies and structures every single time. I take that try Dr. No which tried is going to kill. The PIG will eno is that. I've got the probabilities in Moi. Five up now right now. That tries looking really really nauseous. But this definitely the hurdle of ten thousand you got to get through that region. I think that if we can get through that area I think we might actually have a little bit of potential upside mentioned. Carry through and the reason that I signed. This is because the has been a little bit of a battle up there at ten thousand. We saw yesterday in the evening. We pushed out through ten thousand in the Kennel. Started to get a bit wacky. Some big candle went straight out three. We wouldn't wish got into it and then back down a couple of hundred all's on a couple of hundred neely a couple of hundred dollars relatively quickly so we went back up there again to die. We pushed through ten thousand. We actually met a high of more than ten thousand and thirty six dollars before guiding a got scuttled other. Speak to now at nine thousand nine hundred and twenty eight point four tool percent today okay today so we are. We are having taught little hustle with ten thousand. If we can get through we good because we'll have cleared out the sales if not then there is potential further down. Saw what could also be an option is a consolidation now because the daily is not telling me enough. It's the Tuta I've taken my tried on. I really liked the look of his trend. Thus far we did pull back on the weekly can which was lost. Wicked closed point three percent. Up of the interesting thing is that we went down as low as nine thousand three hundred thirteen dollars before closing at nine nine. Seven one so felli good shift. We went into that cradles. Very close that cradles off the candle closet is a bullish candalyn. If we ingest I will get about ten thousand and then get above the high of last week's candle ten thousand three hundred thirty one. They've got the break of another. Hi sorry not a high sil- drug and then we break the high of another weekly candle that stocks we saw. We want small as we push on to new highs there the bitcoin just sitting there waiting seeing goes on. It's pretty slow at the minutes. Precipitous slow indeed. Now therapy has been my best tried for a little while. Buffet It's of move my stop up again after having guilt long way did I get long long. background to twenty three. My stops out to fifty six and I only had a two to twenty three to seven days seeks to stop very good trade. They locked in more profit highway currently sitting rotten out point two two percent and You know the weekly here gain loss. Cantwell's bullish close up six point. Two two percent in has just gone ripping streit outside. I be surprised at all to see except I saw a theory. Pull back a little bit this week. If the rest of the market does take a break because it has been a pretty still around were to seventy four seven point two five of a percent except as awesome. The kids their twenty eight cents. Were Dan point five percent. Little breakout happened yesterday. What say we just saw always? That's all it's doing. This does not a great deal more to decide really about Tom. About Excel pay. Bitcoin cash half a percent as I speak to you right now at full of five spot three five that is Willa. It's taken a long and again To Canada push the outside this another opportunity. Potentially if anyone out there trading those br sorry trading cradles base to ninety six and nineteen dollars down to three percent very solid way still locked coin do pull bucking that cradles to really nice move there. As a matter of fact the next tweet is preceding. That was eight point nine. Five percent move. It's at seventy eight dollars and seventy six cents. Currently down one point six percent on this day Eos perp. Masha talk of their deep pool but quite hard about south at three fifty. Roughly ran three fifty quite well. Our photos and thirty six point three percent. Bon Ami childhood really do like to look up here The bonnets contract on the two-day ripping the bonnets contract on the two against Bitcoin also ripping really good. It's at one percent right now. Twenty three dollars and thirteen cents. Kadota another pool back into the cried ozone over the weekend. The two day were six point. One percents We're looking good. They're really nice. Looking trend until break stamped low ally. There's nothing really to worry about for me. Just holding on and seeing what goes on the therion classics down one percent right now. Pretty Ivory agree pretty ugly looking shot. If on honest with you guys a little bit of consolidation starting to form around bat just show up at the ten dollar marks actually now that implies on what actually just throw that a more watch list to keep an eye on that nine dollars and sixty eight cents. Ten Percent Tron. Is Dan Warren? Half percent up two point one cents as well to round out that top ten.

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