Brandless Is Dead. Long Live Purposeful Branding.


Is dead so long. Leave purposeful Brandy Boone. So what is what was Brandis? Essentially it was a plain label brand. Ironically that the idea was that you were buying these brands at a substantial premium. Because you're not paying all of the brand tax if you like the brand mockup of all these big brands that they spend on advertising promotion so instead of buying colgate toothpaste you brand list toothpaste and that would be substantially discounted because they're not spending a bunch of money on advertising and promotion and again ironically creating a brand now they also tried to be initially natural and Organic. They also try to have everything based at three dollars price. I think those two things kind of came off the rails a little bit as they tried to expand and to me. It's a lesson in being the anti brand being the opposite is not all it takes need to have a purpose in your brand because really the only purpose behind brand Louis was that we are not the other brands like where the Anti Brand. It reminded me a brand that. I tripped across in a stronger couple of years ago. Which on the surface seems like a very similar story and that brand was cold. Thank you and again. I was selling products at discounted prices. Plane liable stuff mainly sort of personal care and commodity type items similarly initially to what they've been doing over at over brainless the differences between thank you and Brand Lewis. Is that thank you? Actually had a purpose. Vip purpose was donating all of their profits to various charities. And so I think the lesson there for brands is that you'll brand purpose is really what what holds through sure it. Will you know if you're in a commodity game if you're selling commodity goods being brand? Let's make sense because you don't really buying into the whole brand promise but you need to have something else other than just being anti brand. You need to have a brand purpose. And that's why I say. Long live purposeful branding

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