‘Downhill’ Review: A Small Disaster in the Snow


Downhill this isn't a remake of a Swedish from to from two thousand fourteen this call force majeure antibody a marriage that's on the rocks it's a family on vacation in the Alps as the situation develops which has a interesting outcome now and this time it's will Ferrell and Julia Louis Dreyfus are playing the married couple and the situation I'm kind hinting at is an avalanche a controlled avalanche that occurs while they're on vacation and the signature moment of the film is that when it happens will Ferrell's character thinks oh my gosh it's Annapolis role doomed and he scampers away from his family rather than trying to protect them be with them save them leaving his wife to think oh my gosh we just had this life threatening situation and you abandon us what kind of a man are you so it's a it's a kind of a an accidental situation that really pokes at their relationship and and is it as strong as it could be is it should be does it reveal things that are wrong with their bond and that's where the story kind of go from there will Ferrell is making a serious part yeah you know there are some mildly comic moments maybe darkly comic but this is not a typical will Ferrell comedy for sure so it's kinda it's he's done some films in the recent past where he's kind of stretch to bed so I think he's good enough that the drivers is always excellent whatever she does and so I like that part of it what I didn't like is it's a very short movie it just under ninety minutes into me when you're when you're showing a marriage that's troubled that there's a relationship issue there's tension between the two people you got to really break it down you've got to spend some time with these people and it just begins and ends so quickly I don't think it does that so there wasn't any scene in the movie were will Ferrell did his signature of parents running around naked except for his jockey shorts no he doesn't these are not what doesn't realize that that's his thing it's a stick the manchild routine and I kind of miss it I have to say but yeah he's he's got a little older is take more sophisticated rolls and this is something that's added his wheel house but I like that I committed before putting this movie out on Valentine's day weekend makes no sense even the poster you got the two main characters looking away from each other listen I don't mind this kind of movie they feel like you know I was like marriage story but not nearly as intense but pick a different weekend at the box office is terrible the four point six million not surprising it's it's a tough movie to market because it's not wacky it's more thoughtful it's it's it's difficult to package so a relationship feel bad moving on Valentine's day exactly it listen I love counter programming but I think if fantasy island which were not of top we had I think you and I have seen it but I give that as counter program okay you don't one of a romance movie go for like a hard R. horror movie but this one it just seems very strange and the box office really proved it was a bad choice without spoiling it does that have a happy ending

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