The unsinkable Tyson Fury took America for a night. Can he keep it?


Tyson. Very deontay wilder both had unique entrances to the ring on Saturday night but the advantage at once the bell rang was all furious. Wilder was knocked down twice once in the third and once in the fifth round while there was able to extend the fight to the seventh round but fury was too much. Wilders corner threw in the towel giving fury the win by Technical Knockout Fox sports analysts and huge boxing Fan Christopher starred with us. Now good to have you on this one. How surprised were you by the outcome will pick wild during the tenth round? Tko So obviously. I thought he'd win. I was surprised he lost. I would not have been surprised. If fury had one in a decision it was a close fifty fifty. A lot of people are saying. It's a fifty fifty fight. I wouldn't have been surprised at off. He just outboxed him for trail round right but for him to march forward the way he did and knock him out. That's the problem. He was saying he was GONNA do it. You know in the premiums fight and I thought he was just talking noise right right and I thought he may be trying to throw wilder off. But here's something I have said since. Wilders become champion and been this prominent fighter and this is why despite his all time high knockout percentage despite his record no one really has ever put him in the class of Tyson Ali. Form and frazier any rocky Marciano. Any of the really great heavyweights. Because the fact is he can't box. He cannot box he has this. That's you his fight against Louis Ortiz. Recently he was getting shut out every round he knocked him out. May One St Right. And so what? What fury did there were so great when he took the fight to wilder and he had wilder backing up like around one. I was watching a fight with some guys. And we're like the body language or walters. Now he's backing up all of a sudden he's never nobody knew that right and he lunges with throws the right he steps for with his left and then lunges. You can't do that if you're backing up. And he wants. He took a fury. Took that away from him. He had no answer no he doesn't jive with a as a weapon. He does it to measure so I get the right right. He can't dance. I was even saying it may be equilibrium. Was just off but once after the third round. He looked out on his feet. I was saying run. Just move until you can get your wits about you or whole you wits about you. And he didn't even know how to do that. Look he showed a lot of heart. He showed tremendous heart because a punch drunk for the last four. But and I'll say this finally. I hope I'm wrong. I don't think he can bounce back. I don't think I think the best chance. He has the balance about that. Furio bounce back thinking fury. I think his best chance of bouncing back is to fight Joshua and maybe beat him but here you know you're the bully and then you get bullied and we've seen it. George Forman it's a religious conversion and fifteen. Here's a preaching to become when he became when he was a whole different person that one Tyson was never quite the same age. Because you're not the same in your own mind nor do you have that intimidation opponents and Roy Jones. Junior wasn't a bully but he was dominant you. Once he got beat he was never this guy. I just mentally. It's GonNa be so hard for him to bounce back I again. I don't think he could be fury. I definitely don't think it'd be fury but I have trouble in general so going back in history. This is what me very late on Saturday night. I picked wilder in a second round knockout because I thought after Tyson fury had all week predicted. I'm going to knock him out in the second round that he would get a little careless and be vulnerable to the one punch. That deontay did have in that. That Punch you could argue is about as lethal as any punch. We've seen in the history of boxing. I don't know if I've ever seen him more savage right than that one in all it takes is one. Is You know and that? Big trees going to topple. But you have to catch him flush and he wasn't able to catch him with it so we're my head. Went back to a fight. That I wrote about was that I watched. I didn't go to just watched it here. That was the rumble in the jungle. I haven't been more shocked by the strategy and the unfolding of a fight than than I have since I sat watching Ali something that I thought was impossible to the beast. Who Was George Foreman and remember in those days George? Foreman weighed two hundred and fifty pounds. He didn't wait to seventy three. And I thought that was beyond massive and Ali Wade to twenty for that fight so he was given up thirty pounds but he wound but he games he had gained. Wait to find out by hand by. I totally agree but I did not see rope adult coming. Because I don't think he's corner. Saw Rope it upcoming. He didn't tell anybody and he goes and lays against the ropes and let he had worked on his core all through his camp and he just put his gloves on and he just said is that all you got champ. Is that all you got and you just kept trying to chop wood until he just chopped himself down

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