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Habitats from Fungi



At NASA's Ames Research Center is working to prove that planetary habitats can be fabricated from fungi. Fungi are familiar organisms from mushrooms to mold. But the part of a fungus you may not know are the unseen underground. My Celia these tiny branching threads network to build complex larger structures with extreme precision. The NASA team envisions a future where a compact habitat built of dormant. Fungi could be taken on long. Journeys to places like Mars upon arrival floors would unfold the structure and add. Nutrient enriched water enabling the fungi to grow into a fully functional human habitat with funding from NASA innovative advanced concepts or nyack program early stage research is underway to prove that. Mico architecture may not be as farfetched as it sounds and in the distant future. Fungi could be a sustainable solution for housing on distant worlds or on Earth for innovation. Now I'm Jennifer Paulie.

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Habitats from Fungi

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