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How AI Will Impact the Future of Digital Marketing | Ep.



Welcome to another episode of Marketing School. I'm Eric Su and I'm meal and today we're going to talk about how I or artificial intelligence will impact the future of digital marketing. So let's preface this a little bit. A obviously is artificial intelligence. A lot of people are talking about machine learning. If you look at the biggest companies in the world right now you look at the googles the Amazons of the world the facebooks of the world all these companies. They're putting a ton of money into artificial intelligence because it is basically the future I think it is the final frontier of one of the most important. If not the most important invention humankind comes up with a WHO knows what's going to happen afterwards. You look at. We talked about Softbank Their Vision Fund. Masa son the founder of it. His whole thesis was to invest in companies that are centered around a now. I don't know if we work sitting around. Ai He claims it is but that remains to be seen right so if all these big companies all these smart people even the apples of the world are putting money into the question is. How's it going to impact the future of digital marketing? So Neil do you WANNA kick it off. Yes so I think about the world now. You're no longer Brosnan Internet and buying just off of your desktop computer laptop there's ipads now there's tablets there's mobile devices. There's voiced devices. Heck even rages are now starting to have smart technology built in same with Evans and stoves and all these types of things like toasters. You're gonNA start seeing integrated more and more right. Your car's already you're starting to have It's GonNa continue increasing over and over after time. And that's why Eric and I are really big in the Omni channel approach. But what you're gonNA start seeing when it comes to is. Your Fridge will do things I tell you that you're almost out of milk. And you get one brand but if you decide to switch other brand they'll send you a free sample arrive to your house in less than an hour through Amazon. And from there you'll be a happy camper new company would have got you as a customer in the leaving stats on data. Like seventy three percent of the people who switch enjoy drinking this brand and on top of that it is eighty three percent cheaper. You get what I mean like doing things like that. That's where you're going to start seeing artificial intelligence kick in. It's going to be all big data. How can computer it and give you recommendations based on what they know that you would like to simplify. I think some people tend to get scared when it's like artificial intelligence such a big word but at the end of the what's happening is you have computers basically looking at large data sets and they're analyzing it and they're they're giving you insights from it or maybe they're acting on insight sometimes so as an example. Ai Now where it can scan your body and and really detect you know if you might potentially have your risk for cancer and you know what kind in the future and there's also. This really reason actually new antibiotic that was developed from a and they were just looking over a hundred million data points right and they're just like at that point if it's so many data points human beings not really going to be able to get through that so you want to rely on a machine and the easiest way to look at. This is if you look at. This is a very simple way. You look a calculator you as a human being. Maybe you can do. Math decently well but a calculator forced to kind of do like a repetitive task. You know it's going to do it better than you. So that's basically what it is right. We've been seeing a lot of things get improved over time. That don't need that. Frankly use machines and they're better than human being so. How does this apply to digital marketing? What you WANNA look at ads. Smart bidding where a lot of people right in. There's a lot of paid media managers there. They're managing the bid on their own and in some cases are getting assistance from Google or facebook's kind of a and are saying hey maybe should be doing this. And then you know maybe you should be decreasing your bid cost here. You're losing too much money here. So there's a lot of insights that are going on what's going to happen in the future. I believe is that kind of authorization. Work is going to go for the machines and then the humans are going to be left to basically come up with more creative ideas and you know they don't have to do kind of the manual work around that the other thing you'll start seeing who is air will start leveraging database on what you like as well as your friends like to end up coming up with ideas on what you should see products and services because there's so much data that now. These companies have based off of Frederick described facebook. At how much data they know about you based on your friends so these are all things that you're going to start seeing integrated with marketing and a in the future. The real question is one. Is this all GonNa end up happening? I think Neil and we look at both of our. We have multiple products on the on the click flow side. At least you know. We're going to be leveraging. A lot of the data says that we haven't been able to tell people. Hey you should be writing this type of content should be adding these hypoc words. You don't want to do it for you. You should be reading this title tag dispatch description so I think a lot of marketing is going to be done for you by machines in the future because a lot of the people I mean they just need you know. They're they're short on resources that they need things done for you and I think you know you look at Ai. Leveraging data sets and saying hey. You should be doing this and we'll just do it for you. I think that's where you build leverage for the long term and that's why I think you know again. It sounds scary but AI. There's a lot of out of the box solutions. It doesn't mean it's not hard to do but it makes it a lot easier to execute on kind of what your vision might be so I recommend looking at Google's tensor flow and there's other solutions out there.

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How AI Will Impact the Future of Digital Marketing | Ep.

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