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Welcome to episode two hundred eight of DOTS lines and destinations. I'm Steven Seagraves. Joined by Seth Miller doing. I'm doing all right Tired today yet. It's groundhog day here. How you doing again like I said earlier. Yeah it's actually also a little weird for me. Because I think this is my second podcast and third audiovisual recording today. But all nice and there's some topics but I'm GonNa try to say unique an interesting things. This what's What other shows should we listen for your good question? I'm on Ashok this week. Okay which that Flaring or twenty four guys and Inmarsat which is one big flat inactivity and satellite operator companies is doing a online sort of Sort of an all day seminar next Wednesday the twenty ninth talking about all things passenger experience in flight connectivity. But also the news and other developments seating and I'll just all sorts of really interesting stuff sort of replacing Aircraft Interiors not replacing trying to get some similar content produced and we all miss starbucks show in Hamburg the beginning of the month so did a test run of what that video is. GonNa look like so. We can be ready to have something to go for next Wednesday. So it's A. It's been a sick day for me. Post the links in the show notes. Sure I should probably member do that idea. I'll send you a note to remind you assistant producer this week. I like to talk about. I think some of the one of the big ones the Kinda hit the news today on. We're recording this on on Tuesday. The twenty-first April Air Canada is temporarily suspending all transporter flights with the US They had previously cut back to just eleven route from twenty six or so or alone destinations from twenty six But I gotta be. I'm a little surprised they were running still running that many. This goes back to like. Why is North America's still flying planes when no one else is in a lot of ways but that's an interesting point right like why? Why are there so many flights United States? Something I've noticed is like there's a huge number of southwest flights compared to the rest of the carriers. Yes actually just chatting with someone about that literate before we started southwest today ran about thirty five percent of. It's normal schedule where everybody else's Attended twenty and up until now had been running close to fifty and on the one hand. You could say you know. Gosh that some gumption. They've got the spirit Bad Pun. Sorry they're gonNA keep moving no matter what serve customers that need to go Also I think it's stupid also like you know. Post nine eleven. They kept flying their full schedule because they wanted to be there. And yet for the quick bounce back but this is not going to be a quick bounce back and I just don't understand it. Yeah yes I mean your question about Air Canada similar I think they were flying these destinations y. Yeah I mean the borders closed to non-essential travel right. I mean it's not even like we really don't think you should. You gotta go to like a immigration officer and be like no no. This is actually important. Sorry you have to let me in record. We were told if we needed to go to Canada. We need paper on a good day fighting with the Canadian Border Patrol for other people. I've never had promised but I've heard great stories from you and others about the troubles. That can come. Yeah I just I don't get I don't get why anyone WANNA fight with border patrol officers at any level but like pushing your luck on that and so there can't have been that many people like where they are Canadians for the last three weeks. That have been like. Oh I'll just go back on the next flight now. I still got some work to do here. I it just doesn't make sense to me. Yeah Yeah and I don't. I don't think it was close to. Us citizens right so they it. It was like soft close and then became non essential travel closed. Okay so it's sufficiently closed and they just announced yesterday or the day before another day before. Xhosa Sunday but in recent days they just extending that Non Essential non essentials closure for another month. Which is why the flights are finding suspended. Gotcha okay so there's a reason for it but it's It's still weird so it leaves leaves American Delta United Really. The only one's flying to handed I. I'm not sure if WESTJET REPORTER ARE FLYING TRANSLATOR. They started them not. Yeah so and for what? It's worth Canada's now. Also requiring facemask masks of any sort just tired to shoot around your face if you forget one But anything across your face if you're getting on an airplane so interesting but yeah I mean along those. Those there was some there was a united call today right like a town hall or something that they have as their sort of like internal Staff briefing and I mean it's they're running what ten percent load factors right now on ten percent of the schedule. Really Amazing. Yeah so one tenth of what does that. Come out to like one tenth. Not Normal load. Yeah Yeah One. One percent one percent. Which is I mean. It's not I mean it's it's Kinda hard to believe. Yeah and it's and they're not alone. I mean if you look at the numbers that Tsa PUBLISHES EVERY DAY. Like traffic is down ninety. Four percent or whatever. Ninety six percent. They're suggesting that it's a huge. You know that it's there's just skeleton passengers if you look at the numbers it's worse than you think because the scans Con Bembibre concessions stand and other people working at the airport to actually I think those are automated counters of like bodies walking through machines. Not some guy checking things so you know. It's it's a lot of a lot of problems. It's no passenger so like they're really. I actually got a a message from a flight attendant friend. Working Three Twenty noted that forty five passengers on board Amazon in my seat. Because that's like double the load of normal. Yeah I saw a couple of flights. I kinda monitor united flights every now and then. I saw a few flights the other day Denver to Houston was relatively full. Ask hub to hub kind of makes sense but on a mid mid week so strange it there are some you know arguably. I'll say that's good news because the cuts are working. The capacity cuts are coming down. And so you know if you can see us. Thirty to fifty percent full flight today. That represents what would have been three weeks ago ten her five flights that we've all been five to ten percent full and so it's it's better and I don't think we want to some level you wanNA say Gosh. You need the central plains. There can't be anybody on board but that's also stupid and there are reasons. Some people need to travel by air at demean whether it's country to get around and unlike Europe for example like the border between states are vaguely still open in most cases. Yeah or or Florida or Texas I. There's some even actually stuff out though. Yeah that was. That was funny. That I think New Hampshire even has like a sort of please quarantine yourself if you get here policy got so but you know it's. I'm glad that the flights are being cut. I still think that more should be. And we'll see I mean you know but this goes back to why South West someone asks me. Do they have some sort of special deal where they are able to fly them cheaper than everybody else? I don't think that's the case. I just think you know I'll never get an answer session. Sense up into court common. Ask but like high. Why are you doing the stupid thing that no one else is doing? Rarely gets a response that I'm looking for my brother. Yesterday had to fly to Raleigh kind of like last minute from Houston and on a southwest. Flight there's a nonstop at of Hobby to Terrell was on that flight and he was him and another guy. Yeah so right I mean like you had to go so and to be fair in a lot of ways the. Us government is paying for these flights to operate by. That's the argument you can make. As they've they're covering payroll costs are seventy percent of payroll costs of which thirty percent is alone in ten percent comes back in. Warren's so fifty percent of payroll costs which maybe is in the end. Fuzzy math is fifteen to twenty percent of the full cost of Ryan the flight but the federal government is subsidized now pressures flights to make sure that people can get around because the US government recognizes that that has to happen and doesn't want to deal with another million people on employment and with no health. Insurance I think the I mean speaking speaking of like non-full planes. You actually posted a story about a new seating options and it's the in Anyang seating option. Yeah it's bizarre it's obvio- interiors is the name of the company and there. They are normal seating provider there Celsius two airlines like they're not sort of supermassive or bigger. They're not the biggest by any stretch. They're like Certainly top five and they're known for doing some creative things from time to time. And they've designed the product that is the middle seat for a single-aisle planes three three but the middle seat faces backwards. And they're sort of like a wavy divider between everybody so everybody has their own armrest got walled. Lean against instead of your neighbor. Obviously in the same space you'd have some issues of the cushion getting a little narrower which some people complain about There's concerns about like staring at your neighbor. Which is also an issue with everything else. Like that. Sort of from facing thing right. No one likes the vehicle for that same problem except in this case you can't lie down and put up divide or you're just staring at them you know. Some people are inclined and from what they wrote on the press release. It sounds like it's an articulated recline so like the Pan sides forward rather than the seat going back. He lose knee room during their Klein. Which people wouldn't like it? There's a lot of problems with it but it does sort of solve some solution Some provide some solutions. That was terrible senator There's a lot of problems with it but it also offers solutions. Yeah good editor. I would just fix that. And so you know it's interesting to me. I think it's a good conversation point but I don't think it'll overfly so I don't know

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