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We Are The Chosen Ones (w/ Patty Rodriguez)


Patty you you know we were just start talking about. Leeann how we love her and I know you love her to You you do like so many things like you are one of these lake. Just like that as women. Like look and follow on g and I'm just like Patty doesn't stop light from not only normally not even from being like a mom which is already like a twenty four seven job. Like I'm like he is hustling and you know like do you want to maybe tell the audience like a bunch of you do on my goodness? Okay I started and I still am part of the Ryan Secrets. Radio show. I've been with him for a this year. Any Oh my gosh today today. Today's making bring it out with them. What you're celebrating Kingston Yeta speaking says. Yes Patty we would've brought some Ryan's roses for you right. This moment I i. I don't know why I'm thinking in my head. It was January. But it's April yes so team two thousand and five uh-huh. I started working with him as an intern And I never left and then long that Through those fifteen years I became a music writer for a magazine became a mom and then after I became a mom I was like you know my kid needs to grow up loving who. He is being proud of who he is. Because I remember acid child I carried the shame of being a Latina in my own country ended in one of my children to grow up feeling or carrying that heavy load because it's heavy in books To me books mean so much they are the that was a vehicle for me to learn English And I've always just loved books especially children's books and I was looking for children's books for my now nine year old that celebrated who we are and what we do in our contributions and I couldn't find any so Just to make this shorter I decided to start my own company with a friend of mine and we call it a little league does and we now have our own publishing company and then somewhere in between I started a jewelry line that was like being rocked. Riana Demi Levato Katy Perry you ideal and Just incredible women in and then what else. Oh and then somewhere in between A friend of mine in me Have been writing just writing down in trying to create something that can live forever And just recently we've Kind of connected with a production company that saw this and believes in us and I think that's just the beginning of the beginning. What's next for you to call a month and then it had a second child. Now come more within those fifteen years. Yeah Yeah Oh. Wow You I consider yard real like a listens to bugging Cuba. Books are so cue thank you you have one of Lena. Which was the one that I ever like had saw like in person. I saw like a little local bookshop in by the way that book is d. I mean children's picture book on her life really. Wow that's crazy. That just says a lot about the publishing industry you know. Yeah Yeah I was that one published that was on my gosh. What twenty two thousand eighteen have you have you ever? Do you watch the show or have you watched the show younger? No it's about it's IT'S A. It's Hillary Duff and the Gospel turning Mexico her name. Yes thank you. Yes sees me a Tony Award winner? I know I know. I'm sorry but I know but it's about it's about seeing it's about publishing and writing and stuff in it. It's so interesting because you just said that. And you know it's mostly white women in charge in this or white. I mean Yeah. I think Hollywood is bad yeah The publishing industry is a trillion times worse. Yeah it's so white straight it's like it's honestly it's it's just food with American dirt a novel that isn't you know. Oh Yeah But Yeah so. I think that's really that's like that's so cool that you you did like you've made these landmarks and like you are showing not only You know our people are able to read these. Obviously unlike you know Lakers Read read these books like to our children. I buy one for my knees for her birthday or whatever that is but I think it's cool because like we just Like I have friends babysit and sometimes like I cover for them and Babysat for one of my friends. And I remember telling the family I was like I was really happy because they had free to Kalo. They had like you know a Selena. They held all types of like different colored like females that in books me through the and they had lake so many different hourn even. Just let the Asians Bunch and then I was like this was like a mixed race couple but still like I. I love it when I walk into something. Yes you have books of other people than just like little cartoon just like white people think you educate you really important especially because you know. Those books are for children and If you know. We're talking about changing the narrative and in any in any creative industry that you know that we there were part of on in and I always say this the the one that we should really invest in. Because it's the first form of media that our children you know are are connected to our books. Yeah and if we really want to change the the overall landscape of the way Hollywood looks We honest need to start with books and It's very challenging to Get people on board with that because they you know a lot of people don't see books are so powerful yet we don't we don't consciously see it

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