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Ross and Carrie Stay Home: Coronavirus Edition - burst 18


Us to believe. Okay dance a feeling. Yeah that is a feeling and then she said a virus can't be transmitted that way. She didn't explain why and she said. And then another thing I heard was that viruses are actually good for you because they clean out toxins. The common cold clears out. Bacteria in your body and the government doesn't want us to get viruses because they're good for us and that's the reason for this big push for vaccines. Oh ads topsy turvy. Okay wow so you could. Viruses are bad another good. Vaccines are bad. Because the bank it may not get the virus but this so okay so that means that all of the flu and the being incapacitated and low on energy and feverish sweating. All of that is good and supposed to happen. I guess except for the people who die from it right Sat all the bacteria so there. You Go Does that apply to all viruses what about HIV Mavs? Just thing in the same thing. I don't know I guess about measles. Good free about rubella. Although I'm sure these all have special exceptions you know out while mumps is really a virus. That's you know That's the disease does make you. WanNa unpack that with her like exhibit. A. Explain this one That one's GMO's so she said so it must have to do with the five G. Network. Of course the Boogeyman so she says five. Jesus instituted in China and was on that Princess cruise where they had the outbreak. And I love this quote and I am very particular about conspiracy theories should

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Ross and Carrie Stay Home: Coronavirus Edition - burst 18

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