How To Overcome Procrastination


Learned to dance healer relationship. Grow Business Master your money or even solve world hunger the three words you need our way for it. Everything is figure out a ball. I gotta say that little phrase has changed my life and it's the title of my new book which is about to change yours. It's available now so go get your copy at everything is dot com okay. So we have a great question for today's Tuesday and I think it's something that all of steel with. How do you deal with procrastination? So this is from someone who right. Then she writes. How do you avoid procrastination and get a sense of urgency in the good sense so that you take action now okay so actually have a two part answer to this question and the first thing I want to talk about is the overarching reason? Why all of us fight this nasty thing called procrastination and I learned about this first from an author who I so admire his name is Steven press build and he wrote an amazing book called the war of Art. If you haven't gotten it get it. We'll do it for you on that sometime soon. Anyway Stephen Talks about this idea called the lizard brain so this Lizard Brain all. It's concerned about is survival and the Lizard Brain wants to keep you hidden at wants to keep you safe so it really stops us from from doing things putting ourselves out there. That really scary at just basically makes us for Krasny now. The thing that you have to do is just feel that fear field up. Resistance that resistance that actually see. Russel talks about that is attributed to the Lizard Brain and just keep going anyway Another favourite author of mine his name. Is Seth Godin? If you haven't heard of him definitely check him out. He says all we need to do is ship. We need to ship are things constantly. So what does that mean? That means. Write your blog that means produce your music that means creating your videos you have to create some momentum so you can kind of push past that Lizard Brain and get your things going and get it out there. There's no secret recipe. Unfortunately there's no secret sauce to moving past it. Besides one of my favorite things to do is called. Do it just do it? So I'll talk to you about what I do when it comes to getting over procrastination and that's this tip number one this would I do? And it's called Social Accountability. So what does that mean? It means that I like to embarrass myself past procrastination so I tell everybody and their sister about what I'm GonNa do so that they can publically socially hold me accountable so this way if I tell my girlfriend you know I'm gonNA shoot these new videos and you're gonna see them next week if she doesn't see them she's a call me out on it and I'm going to be pretty embarrassed so I like to use that accountability to get me to move past procrastination and get some shit done. The second thing that I do is I schedule it so I often like to save you. Don't schedule it. It's not real and a very wise friend of mine and her name. Is Michelle Vargas? She was saying you know. If you don't want to schedule it you

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