Croatia vs. Slovenia


Hello Travel nerds and welcome to the extra packing peanuts. Travel podcast the show that teaches you how to travel more while spending less. I'm your host Chevette Sherry and joining me. Today is someone who says I don't even care about that and still kicking my butt in our survivor fantasy poor survivor the TV show my love and I'm still getting crushed by someone who says she doesn't even care about it. My wife concentrated companion. How they're that just shows you. How competitive I mean I like to win. I have put in a little more. This is the second time we've done that survivor pool The first time I didn't even finish doing it. Because that's what care about an but this season survivor is more interesting. I'm a little more into it so I'm giving it a little bit more thought than next to nothing survivor. Winners at forty something. I've been waiting for for twenty years right. You're such a nerd. And then I look at the sheet of Mike. How am I losing? Heather's killing me so hopefully get some revenge in today's show because we're doing it throwdown showdown our third party she? She don't think you're going to be vindicated here because this is my country others already said she's going to. She's said to me multiple times in the last couple of days as we been getting ready record this I'm going to crush. You is what she said. I feel very confident. I baby on the underdog guys. Maybe you're rooting for the underdog. Here today I would say my country is definitely an underdog because today during our throwdown showdown we are doing Croatia vs Slovenia. So obviously. If you've listened to the podcast you know which one I'm choosing heavens Croatia. I am Slovenia and during our throwdown showdown what we do is we take opposite sides and we debate which one is better so if you guys like this format we've just put out the last two weeks we we did. Nashville Verse Austin Than. We just also put out Ireland versus Scotland. So you can go listen those and then if you throw it back. Talk Tober twenty eighteen I quote unquote season of our third showdown. We did Portland Verstraeten coober. We did Thailand verse Bali and we did Eastern versus Western Europe. So there are some goodies in there as well so check those out and then of course let us know on social at extra pack of peanuts on Instagram. Who won this battle so half were Croatia Verse Lavinia? Today we save this to last of the part series because this like this is the day new mall the Climax Actually Dana Ma I think goes up to the climbers either way. This is the climax of it we are. We both love these countries but you know Croatia has a very special place in your heart so he has a very special place in my art. So I'm ready to go to war. I'm ready I'm ready for you. I mean when people ask me what my favourite countries I stay Croatia and it hasn't changed in years. We've been there three times. I love it so much. Sure tell us why started off you again? I'm not holding back here at all. I have is actually legitimately stretching out right now as she. I'm radio I'm not holding back here not hold back. I know you all because you say you want to crush Croatia. Well I don't even know where to begin because there's nothing really bad to say about Croatia. It's a gorgeous country. It has so much coastline. I mean it's okay so geographically. It's across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. Italy gets a lot of love for its coast cities all of that. It also is heavily touristed so Croatia. We'll becoming very popular and mortar should still has less tourists. I think than some of the bigger countries bigger most populated or not most populated most touristic countries in Europe. But it just has this vibe where people are friendly. It's just as beautiful if not more beautiful in some of these other countries. I mean we're talking a thousand miles of coastline if you like if you like the beat if you like being near the water this is the country for you. So it is beautiful. Of course I love creches. Well I think Slovene is even more beautiful. Why because it has more going for it as at least as far as for its size so this country punches above its weight more than any country I've ever been to. It is the size of New Jersey New Jersey so means this is New Jersey and yet it has a little bit of coastline very minimal. One town one mile coastline. And it's gorgeous so you can. You can get it you can go to the town of Piron. Cute Little Town Great Food. So you've got coastline there but what makes Lavinia so gorgeous to me is the fact that it's got everything else as well. It doesn't just have the coast. It has lake bled to this day. One of the most beautiful place. If you've ever been in the world and when I saw the picture of lake bled when I was like fourteen or fifteen years old I remember seeing it having no idea how to pronounce Lubiana. No idea where Slovenia was but saying I will go there one day. There is a lake with a church on an island in the middle of it. I will go there. We went their lives up to the hype in person cool so people know about that lake bled. They might have heard about you. Know they might not have known so. Many had a little bit of coastline. Same coast basically as Croatia. Just a lot less of it but what a lot of people don't realize is has the Alps in it as well so you go up to cranks Gorga. You got to some of these errors. You're in the Alps. We stayed at a hotel or this little awesome guest at the foot of the Alps. So you can say in a country. This is New Jersey. You have the Alps. You have stunningly gorgeous on you have one of the best lakes in the world and we haven't even gotten to the picture perfect little posted stand capital of Lube Lithuania. So to me. That feels like a rehearsed arguing. Were you practicing map before we did this? Podcast I thought this was be no preparation. No rehearsal it's been in my head for a long time. I told you on common with the big guns. Come with the beginning. Well for your lake bled. We have in Croatia about you know. I don't know a thousand islands. Yes that's right. Well over one thousand islands one of which has its very own little monastery on an island in the middle of the sea kirk monastery. We didn't actually go there. But I knew you were going to bring up like blood and when we were in Croatia this time we tried to go to put. Bj LAKES SO Croatia while it may not have the elps has so much natural beauty and it does have mountains are much smaller and if you drive quite a ways off the coast you can get to put bj leaks. We went however because it's so popular now we weren't able to get in because it's better to get a reservation. The next time we were able to go in the park was going to be like five hours from when we were there so we just decided to skip it however when we left there somebody said well. You should go to kirk waterfalls because there are actually bigger than put. Vj they're just not as touristed so you can see some of the most dramatic national parks in Croatia with these waterfalls in these pools of just like beautiful greenish blue water. I mean it's just stunning stuff. Just Google at people. I mean Lake Bled. D You have waterfalls.

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