Is the Sudden Loss of Taste and Smell A Symptom of Covid-19?


Might be a new indicator that you have caught cove in nineteen outside of the other symptoms like fever or cough that we have been hearing about all along doctors and the UK have said that a symptomatic people that is those not exhibiting the usual corona virus symptoms of dry cough and fever should be on the lookout for a sudden loss of their sense of smell and or taste as that could be an early indication that they have contracted Kovic nineteen the British Association of Oto Rhino said in a statement quote. There has been a rapidly growing number of reports of a significant increase in patients with covert nineteen infection presenting with loss of smell in the absence of other symptoms evidence from South Korea. China and Italy suggests that significant numbers of patients with cove in one thousand nine have developed a nausea or loss of smell as well as high PAS MEA which is the reduced ability to smell in. Germany is reported that more than two-thirds of cases have an Osmania in South Korea where testing has been more widespread thirty percent of patients. Tested positive have had as their major presenting symptom in otherwise mild cases. Iran has reported an increase in cases of isolated nausea and many colleagues from the US. France and northern Italy have had the same experience professor Claire Hopkins President of the British right a logical society reports personally seeing four patients this week who are symptomatic except for the recent onset of nausea usually no more than about one case is seen per month these patients may have some of the hitherto hidden carriers that have been facilitated by the rapid spread of Kuban nineteen. Unfortunately they do not meet current criteria for testing or self isolation and quote the association recommended adding loss of smell to the symptoms requiring quarantine and self-isolation so that quote we might potentially be able to reduce the number of otherwise as symptomatic individuals who continue to act as vectors not realizing the need to self isolate end quote

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