Russia Pledges To Run Completely Positive Disinformation Campaign In 2020

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Well it's no secret. Politics in this country have gotten ugly most of the time. You can't tell one candidate from the other underneath all the mud slinging but as we approach the twenty twenty presidential election some major players are stepping up to bring back civilized discourse Russian Internet trolls. The same ones known for interfering in the two thousand sixteen presidential election have recently made a pledge to run a completely positive disinformation campaign at twenty twenty joining us now is opr. Washington correspondent Dirk mullins silently. So why are these trolls deciding to run a cleaner? Deception campaign twenty. Twenty hackers and trolls are tired of how militias and unproductive political disinformation tactics have become an America and want the vitriol taken back out of toppling the democratic process I spoke with a member of the Kremlin linked Internet research agency WHO I call Victor. In order to protect his identity off the two thousand sixteen. We recognized that we are becoming bought of his problem. Positive lies a more civilized exchange of false negatives. This is what we are aspiring to to spread. Do Americans in twenty twenty election interesting approach. But how will this affect their campaign strategy this year? Victor says trolls will still be using the same methods we saw in twenty sixteen but in the future thereabouts micro targeting and deep fake videos will focus on spreading fake hope rather than manufactured outrage. We would blame Benghazi on Hewlett. You look up. Look her up. Yeah so mean so negative. This year we will just fell nicely is like say Donald Trump going to Afghanistan on a covert mission and killing an Isis leader with his bare hands or pretending. Automotive and coal industries are doing well now. Those allies every American can get behind while he sounds very dedicated to this turnaround. Well to a lot of hackers like victor. It's more than just a job in public deception. It's something they're very passionate about. This is no sense of decency and forty six anymore. How can I go home at night? And I'm looking my kids in the I when I am sure in memes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer bearing pile of aborted fetuses. Yes I want to make descent in American democracy but that doesn't mean wall sense of Quantum Chris to be lost and in that spirit. Hackers will no longer link candidates to fake pedophile rings on twitter. But we'll share more respectable memes that are bold and forward thinking like claiming that candidate is extremely viral and has slept with over five hundred men and women that is certainly more optimistic and inspiring but what have been the result so far. Is this new disinformation going viral? Oh it's an incredible success with Americans. Those dumb asses will believe anything they read online. Well sounds like the Republicans and Democrats could learn a thing or two from the Russian operatives dead set on destroying democracy. Thank you Dirk my pleasure.

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