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Yeah he's driving the track and he's discussing what some of the surface changes are like and what some of the weather changes our life gather. From what Stewart said was that the different types of pavement. Hold water different. Besides the fact that one lap it may not be raining in the next time you come through a certain section. It had rained or is currently raining. The weight water drains off of the track is different as well. So so spas. It'll dry out quicker and some spots. It'll dry slower. Water running across the track and a certain way rates will streams so can imagine flying over a hill and then setting up for a turn right after you jump over this little rise and then it being wet on the other side you know you can imagine how tricky and the I guess. Just generally sketchy. This particular track can get when racing on it. Yeah and it wasn't wet the previous lap so things change on this course over the course of one lap. It's just it's fascinating to me that there is a A weather factor as well in this and it almost reminds me a little bit of Like pikes peak. Or something like that where you might. You might encounter a day with sunshine and and warm weather at the bottom. You get to the top and there's a blizzard practically going on. I'm it's similar to that or well why it may be the ultimate test track in a way. A lot of conditions are different road. Surfaces are different there's concrete slabs. There's bank turns up hill. Downhill suspension gets light. Gets heavy. Like you mentioned it's just a it's a place where everybody could go and kind of see what they have. You know what I. I love the idea that you know. Everybody's got their own opinion about what this is all about The drivers do a lot of them. Are I think a lot of them are afraid of it? And I don't think there's anything wrong with that or at least a there's a level of respect about the course. Well you know I honestly yeah yeah I guess maybe the respect is a better way to say it. I mean say they're afraid of it. I mean they do it anyway. Because they've got nervous steel right. I think I would be afraid of it really if I had to go out and do that. Of course the first time. I assume that rookies are afraid of it. Probably Yeah I. I'm sure I'm sure that they are but Jackie Stewart. He said In in one of those laps he has. He doesn't have great respect for the course he does and I I think he has a little bit of fear for of it because it is kind of scary thing to drive. You never know if you're gonNA make it back. He said he always every time he left to go to the German Grand Prix at other nurburgring. He would stop at the end of his driveway. Look back at his house kind of like one long moment and leave and he said because I never knew if I was ever going to come home from that race because that's how dangerous it was and he said well he was driving this thing he said you know. I I drive this at speed. Going one hundred and seventy five miles an hour on this course at the time he was. This is back in the late sixties. Hundred seventy five miles an hour. He said you know when I if I were ever walked this course if I were to ever just like really take in that you know. There's no guardrail here and over here. There's just pine trees and over in this area here like if I go off. I'm going into a stream. You know that kind of thing he said if I ever ever really just took all that in I probably would never drive here ever again. I'd never raced course and and I think he's got a point. He said the less he knows about the course the better in that he just knows. I gotTA go fast and turn left right there right right there and aim for that tree so that I can hit the carousel and the right spot and is just. He knew the course really well but he said the less he knew about the surrounding part of the course. The dangerous part. Like if you were to go off course the better off. He was yeah so he had. He did have a healthy respect for it. And you know I think there's more there's more to it you know. We listen to Some audio from Borst said Who is also. He's a legendary road racing driver as well. You can look up this interview. If you want on youtube you can find the entire. Boris said Discussion it's I think it got the title is long it? Some Steve La- tarts podcasts. Yes he's A. He was a crew chief in Nascar for several drivers. Steve letard on location. And that's his podcast. Although this one has video as well but it was from walk INS Glenn. And they're discussing. You know the dramatic elevation changes and and if you skip forward to about the ten minute mark. That's about where the the discussion about the nurburgring starts. And he's talking about he races and something. That's the twenty four hours of neubergring. Imagine a grueling that would on a series of it's not just one driver obviously but he said something. Just remarkable here. He said that at the start of that race. Two hundred and thirty cars start that race. Two hundred and thirty imagine starting the race with two hundred and thirty cars on track. And we're talking about attract like what we've been discussing a long trek one hundred fifty. Some one hundred fifty six turns elevation changes. It's going to get dark at some point during this race. And then there's weather changes There's very little run off the almost no guardrails of mention really. I mean there are some But you're an extremely fast cars. And he said you if you're in a fast car. And when he and he was of course he's one of the top and vehicles he was passing on average fifty cars per lap fifty. I think he said something like the fast cars a lot slower cars every three LAU. My sports car races all different kinds of categories. Yes that can make a dangerous too. Because you've got slower cars and faster cars and the same track what's interesting? Gosh you know. I know we're going way over here. We have to stop a moment but I what's really interesting. He said. And here's our answer here. He says it's about a nine minute lap for him in the sports car series. So you know that Formula One cars as you in a lot faster than I'm GonNa Guess Seven Minute left. Something like that ballpark. During the tourist and Barton which is Kinda daily driver events? They have the track him. I think they said like a ten minute. Lap is something to brag about. So we'll get there. We'll we'll talk about that soon but I think I maybe we should take a break..

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