Coronavirus: Governor Inslee announces mandatory statewide stay-at-home order


Center in the past twenty four hours the death toll in this state linked to the corona virus pandemic has risen by fifteen and that brings our total to one hundred ten deaths two thousand two hundred twenty one people have tested positive and according to the state health department thirty four thousand tests have been administered so that's a positive ratio of about seven percent you for the governor has ordered most people to stay home now couples Charlie harder tells us about the strict new rules governor Jay Inslee says some people weren't taking his earlier social distancing orders seriously enough and now the threat is even greater if you want to have parties on the beach or play pick up basketball at the park or have sleepovers these are no longer allowed for at least a couple weeks this also applies to some of the most important gatherings in people's lives like weddings and funerals some businesses considered essential such as grocery stores gas stations and drive throughs will be allowed to stay open but others considered non essential will be ordered shut down Inslee says the order is enforceable by law we'll have a complete list of what's allowed and what isn't on our website komo news dot

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