Designer Scales Personalized Wedding Products to $1M+


My name is kristen. Berry Mr Morris I live in New York City my business side hustle is Miss Design Berry and I was on episode one seven eight. Miss Design Berry is an ECOMMERCE shop. We specialize in custom illustration pieces for weddings and other big events. I graduated and moved to New York in two thousand eleven and I was working in advertising and even though I was making good money I still needed extra money and I had gone to school for design and illustration so I just started an se shop. Dan started doing it on the side after work and slowly slowly grew it and then in two thousand fifteen. When I ended up leaving my fulltime job to run missed designed very fulltime. Since I was last on the show I ended up working with a business coach for about eighteen months and he helped me actually really changed our pricing model in the wing. Interact with our clients. One of my goals was to move. All of our business off of betsy took us about one year and we did end up doing that. We sell to a smaller group of clientele now with a much higher average order value. So as of Tony. Nineteen or revenue was still about one million and so this year will probably grow about twenty percent the on that we are launching a second brand children's brand later this spring which makes kind of sense. It's the logical next step because the next thing for our clients get married and they start their own families. You'll be doing lots of stuff for sort of a first child in new families and then the last update is that I have started doing some consulting work as well or other small businesses. Who are looking to move from a primarily ESI focused business to their own website as well so I have launched my own website and we'll be launching an online course for that later this year. If you are a small creative business at a really wonderful things to start you're able to get sort of built in traffic. You can test out products and really see what the market wants. And what's maybe not so popular and you're able to get a lot of feedback from clients and really kind of figure out where you're putting years and what you ultimately want to be selling for us. We reached a certain point where there was a lot of competition who were fiercely just ripping us off We were paying an insane amount in fees yearly for SC and was Changing a lot of their their logistics in the way that they ran thing so what had worked for us for several years in terms of advertising in that sort of stuff had really started to become a lot more expensive and we read a point where we kind of knew what are we knew. target Intel was and. We felt like we were ready to move off the platform. And just have a bit more freedom. I think for anyone who's looking to sell art or illustration design some kind of something under that umbrella. Online it really is helpful today to have a very specialized niche because the more specific you can be in what you're selling and who you're targeting. There's a lot out there. There's a Lotta competition and if you're trying to blanket and you know sell to everyone salter no one and for us we've realized we've gotten more and more and more specialized as the years go on and that's only helped us grow which sometimes it can seem like that doesn't make sense that it really does one really special component that we've kind of added into our business model is we have partnered with a dog. Charity called the Beagle Freedom Project and a portion of all of our sales now. Goes directly them. it's something. I'm really passionate about dogs and rescue organizations. And so that's been like a goal for me ever since I started my business. So I'm really happy. Now that We're able to really give back to them through our business and all the clients that raval to service. Thank you kristen very much. Appreciate those updates and advice. Let's talk about for a moment before I wrap it up. You know it's it's not just about the listing and sales fees and thinking about this because I often mentioned how sometimes people who sell on the end up getting frustrated and going on to do their own thing. You know setting up their own websites. They're not dependent on that platform which is a good thing to do. But I think it's not just. The listing entails piece. It's also about this advertising arms race to where you know to be successful especially in a competitive market. You don't just pay the basic commission. You almost have to pay these increasing advertising costs and we see this with facebook as well. You know businesses that are built on facebook. Ads sometimes ended up in an industry which is super competitive. You'd have to keep spending and spending and spending and so fortunately Christian has found a way to essentially exit the arms race. So good for

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