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Help Researchers Track COVID-19



Getting a handle on. How cove in nineteen is spreading across? The country is difficult because current models are based on people who have been tested since tests for the disease are limited and not distributed evenly. There's no way to know quite how the disease is spreading. But now you can help solve this problem. Thanks to researchers at Boston Children's hospital and Harvard working with Google and other partners they've introduced Kovic near you a website where everyone can report on how they're feeling capturing on the ground information in real time from the public really can give us a sense of what's happening at the community level And it also gives the public an opportunity to contribute back to public health. That's Kerosene Walk Boston. Children's hospital she's program manager for Cova near you. She says your input goes into a national map that updates constantly showing exactly. How the disease is progressing. Data will be useful in terms of predictive modeling of understanding where potential hotspots currently exists or could exist in the next few weeks few months to however long. The outbreak continues sites useful for the public as well but we also really weren't fire to create a tool where users can get an idea of coded related symptoms in their local area. We WANT USERS. To learn about potential areas that could be highly affected by this pandemic. And I think it gives an opportunity to see what's happening at the national scale to symptom reported data from others just like them across the US participating easy. Just go to the website. Kovin near you dot org and let them know if you're feeling great or SEC. If you're not feeling well they have a few follow up questions and we also want users continually report in. You know. It's helpful to have people come back to the website week after week to continue to report and symptoms that they may or may not be experiencing. Even if you're healthy back type of information is extremely valuable for us to know. So that's why we created our feature where users can actually submit their phone number to receive text reminders to continue to report their health

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Help Researchers Track COVID-19

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