Creativity + Compassion During the COVID-19 Crisis


Wanted to start the conversation. Just kind of check in with you. How you doing I mean how are we all doing? During this drying and uncertain times we are basically adapting to this whole new reality in the new way of leaving and I know as a journalist. You kind of have a very A much better understanding that an average personal how we're doing as a society I think not The last week has been a very tough one for a lot of people. Not just because we're dealing with this pandemic but because we're processing a changes in new information in lives time. Uh So I think this last week A lot of new information came to light a number one. You know how big of an issue this is gonna be for our country and then the second issue. Is You know the recession. That looks like it's on its way And then third. He knows there's been growing information about how long we're going to have to be a mistake. Social distancing I think even a week ago I was contemplating whether to travel in March. You know in April and clearly all travel has been canceled for a long time. Not only that I think most of us are going to be sheltering in our homes for not just a few weeks but possibly months and so. I think that what's really important for people to to think about right now is that we're dealing with two levels of anxiety on the one hand there are these enormous Cataclysmic HISTORICAL EVENTS. That are happening. And we're watching them. Unfold a pandemic a national emergency or recession. These are all really big things but I also think that it's important for us to recognize and And be okay with the feelings that that we're experiencing right now that That are just you know about the disappointments and in the personal sadness that were feeling about things that might be smaller than these bigger events. You know I think a lot of people are disappointed that You know their graduation got cancelled. I think people are worried about their kids who are not going to get to be educated over the next couple of weeks. Couples are separated from one another. I think it's just really important for us to say it's okay to feel whatever it is. You're feeling right now and you need to spend some time You know dealing thinking through sort of like coming to terms with your own personal disappointments Before you sort of have the capacity to take in the much bigger issues that we're dealing with absolutely yeah. I mean we've chatted with you. I think the last Last Friday and I wasn't a lay. Laura was in the lay of For our listeners. I think you guys know that we are participating in the yellow accelerator by snapchat. It was a huge deal. It's still a huge deal but on Friday. All of the programming accelerator was moved to fool in line and ultimately mean Laura. We decided it was definitely a good call for us to Back Staff and Drive back to the bay area to our homes and families and yeah exactly as you said lease. It's we've been kind of living on a day to day like even during the weekend. There was no shelter in place Yet in San Francisco During the week there was no shelter in place in mandate in California in general so definitely taken day by day. But I'm glad that we are Taking this This issue seriously about yet again. I think it's still luke air for all of us agree with you kind of Process out personal sadness in these shoes and all of the You know different circumstances and changes have to accept them that all lives and then start kind of being good citizens and doing the things that are right for the society a- so I'm curious if you What kind of things and you have seen and observed and house occur coronavirus effect in different population groups. Of course if you know anything obviously we know and we are and we're so thankful for healthcare professionals and this country around the world But how does it also affects teachers? Students on just regular professionals have used seen How this kind of situation is affecting different groups of people? What's important right now is A A pandemic like a health. Emergency like this is throwing into relief. The inequities that we're seeing in society The same is true when it comes to things like global warming and the natural disasters that we were seeing You know in times like this. It becomes very clear that people who are already vulnerable and on the margins are the ones who are going to suffer the most So you know a lot of us have been wrestling with and complaining with a about the the concept of having to be stuck at home for a long time. I'm I think it's really important to realize that that is actually a luxury that we have this luxury to stay at home protect ourselves protect. Our family is because actually there are a lot of people out there who are considered either essential workers or who have to work out of necessity. Who are putting themselves at risk on. I've been thinking a lot about people you know. Obviously there are people who need to keep our cities running like the trash collectors. There's people who are working on critical infrastructure as well as obviously the healthcare professionals. You know that goes without saying but You Know I. I was working on a story this week about Amazon. And how the Workers Amazon are continuing to work under these conditions with up to two thousand people in each location around the country Amazon is continuing to hire because there's been an increase in the number of orders that they've been receiving And that really made me think about how our society operates because the United States doesn't have very robust infrastructure and government services the way that other nations do and so we rely on the private sector on companies like Amazon to deliver services right so there lots of people right now who are using Amazon to get Essential things like medication I'm sure that there are hospitals and clinics that are getting clubs hand sanitizer and things like that and then older people are relying on Amazon. It's infrastructure to deliver groceries right so that they don't need to put themselves at risk by going to a grocery stores Into what we're actually doing that. Workers who are relatively low paid workers in these factories are effectively putting their own health and wellbeing at risk the rest of us can shelter in place And you know while you know. There are lots of people in society who are considered essential workers and are fairly compensated for that These these workers are not particularly well. Paid and many of them don't get

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