Golfer Rich Beem on Q School and Beer Guts

No Laying Up


Let's get back to our interview with rich. Beem in this time period q-school. How did that work is that? How is that what? Your Path was to the PGA tour or able to just signed straight up for Q-school. Did you buy the minor leagues? Basically did I literally went straight from the pro shop to the PGA tour? So I'd won the section the Section Assistance Championship in nineteen ninety. Eight and nineteen ninety. Eight is what I really start playing really good and I have no idea what it what. How old are you at that time? Then Ninety eight I would have been twenty eight okay. So you're not a young. You're not a young Modo outta college but but naive for sure and I'll get to more of that later on but I went to q school. I won the assistance championship and it used to be years prior. That would actually get you a bypass of going first stage. And and so I would have been exempted second-stage although in nineteen ninety eight. They took that out. They said Nope you. You still have to go to first day so I had to go through all three stages of Q-school and I ended up in first one was in Scottsdale at a golf course called talking stick Ben Ben Crenshaw bellcore design fantastic track but I had to shoot sixty seven the final day to make it through to make it through first Yup through I age and then the second the second one was in Houston on the final day I was in by about two or three going into the final round and I was to over through six holes and on the seventh hole. I had a shot with a wedge but in the rough and I thought Flyer no-fly I don't think flyer it was a flyer and I absolutely air mail the green by like thirty yards and I got no shot. I have zero shot so I get back over there I find it. I hit it back to the front of the Green. I got sixty feet left. I'm choking and a mad on the same breath I mean I can't control myself. I'm literally trying not to vomit because I know that making the finals is a big deal well before I even thought about it. I pull the trigger. Hit knocked it in and then birdied the next two holes in the night. I shot I. I shot seventy one and got through comfortably at the end of the day but there are some the pressure of the stories you hear about Q-school in about how much pressure puts on you. It's unbelievable because if you don't get through second-stage you've just wasted five thousand bucks you nothing you guys that you got no status anywhere and so that was a big deal. That was a huge deal for me. In fact I funny enough bill hyme who caddied for me for fourteen years and come back and county for me. When when I turned fifty he actually was same venue. He lost in a playoff back then. They had a playoff. He lost in a playoff to get to the finals and then he actually drove out to finals. In case anybody withdrew and finals he was the first alternate in. Nobody dropped out in you. Figure that out of the two hundred seven guys are at finals. Somebody one guy nothing. Nobody dropped out so Turned out to be in both of our favors because he had a great career together and he's one of my closest friends but it was pretty funny. How how that'll happen. And you make it all the weight. How many how many. I looked up your class right here on Wikipedia. You have forty one guys make it through. How many are you estimate? I don't know the answer to this. But how many are you? Estimating had to go through from first stage all the way through the. There's a few of them that had to come to be fair. I don't know what the I mean. You Bo Van Pelt Charles Warren Jeffrey Hart and Rio Bravo and David Seawall in Roy Sabatini David Zero. Pga TOUR STARTS HERE. The only guys on there that had needs zero. Pj torstar so my buddies that came out of that was Bo. Van Pelt. Brian Baird Bird. I got to be close with. Oh I'm drawing a blank. I can't believe I'm drawn blanks on this. I'm so bad with names. It's killing me but I you know there's a bunch of guys that I became you know just because we went through that process together. It really was one of those weeks where you just. Kinda put your head down and you just keep on going. I know Mike. We're want it Mike sposa. That's the guy that was going to expose him. Brian Baird just because we we hung out together when we because right after. You got your car. You went to a class and we went through media class which I think that everybody in the room. Everybody well I I know for me. Factually I didn't hear a single word at. I know that the big Gulp in my hand wasn't really a big old. It was a big but it wasn't. It wasn't as advertised. So what? Yeah what is your. What is your reputation. Did you have a partying reputation on a founded reputation? Well-founded yeah I'M NOT GONNA Deny I. It's it's interesting because I think that a lot of the guys in there it's true. I listened soon as I get done playing golf. I like to have beverage. I absolutely have to have a beverage. I'm not going to deny that one iota. It was kind of in the air though when tiger was kicking everybody's ass and workouts were becoming super popular fitness. All of that sports psychologist. I mean all of it was it was. You know that's how it was but I mean before the final round at the Kemper Open and ninety nine at a big old fat enchilada plate and four cores. Lights that my dinner. That was just how I didn't you know and I think a lot of times. It was frowned upon where in generation. Before that you know. It's kind of like smoking. Everybody everybody used to smoke Nobody smokes right. 'cause it's frowned upon. It's looked down upon right but I listen. It was good. I had some good times. There's no doubt about it you know and I was successful at what I did now. I did it so well you away. At least a lot of people were some people work. You need some sort of release. I imagine after Tournament Golf. So when I when I played in tournaments like Inbetween Rounds Dude. I need a drink after a grinding for four or five hours and I think that there's there's something to that. Yeah I think there's a lot to that. I think that there's I think for different people at it. You know having having a drink it's more psychological because I needed because I've got eighty and I needed a way to stop thinking about golf. I needed a way to sit there. And not fret over what my stroke or what. My swing felt like or anything like that. Because if 'cause I could sit there and just go nuts. I still do go nuts. I mean there's a lot of time laying in bed in the middle of the night and I'm literally thinking about my putting or I'm thinking about my chip. I'm thinking about something that has to do with golf. That's just the way mine works. You know after a while you just get tired of that. Sure you just get burnt out of thinking about it all the time. It just eats gnaws at USA for for me when it came to the PGA tour in tournament. Golf I mean listen I I. They're probably very few rounds very around probably more so today. I I don't have. I don't drink a lot when after I play golf. Just kind of getting to that age and my body just doesn't like it that much anymore but I just I needed to have something to kind of smooth me out because I was so high strung and listen to other people do it different ways some guys want to go do push ups some guys. WanNa go running. I liked the smell of of wooden barstools and inside of a sitting at the bar watching TV. Well I think that there's a lot of people out there that kind of long for those days on the PGA tour both players and fans kind of you know a Lotta people love the some of the beer guts and that kind of culture seems to have gone by the way word and would you say you were one of the guys that kind of kept that going into the two thousands and who were some of those guys would kind of more celebrate that lifestyle though the unfortunately he's not on tour anymore but Anthony. Kim was legendary. Yeah legend give me absolutely everything. You've got to be fair. I mean some of it. I don't quite recall but I mean I remember. I didn't even hang out with them. I didn't hang out with them a lot off the golf course. I think in. That probably was good for both of us because I think we would have enabled one another quite a bit but I mean I remember Vegas a couple of times and you just you. You hear the stories about you know. There was a five day event and he was out and he was legend. I mean he would. He would go hard and he was not afraid to spend money. I mean the kid was unbelievable. Talented player I mean. There's no doubt about it. And but he was he could go. There are some guys that could could fly. I mean I for me. It was more I actually would. I would have probably sit there with my caddie and hang out with my caddie more than even I'd probably go sit in the caddy room. Instead of hang out up in the in the players locker room I spent more time just going out today with my caddie than I did any other players but you know you could hear stories about some guys who like to go and some guys when I first got on tour. There's a few guys Ted purdy would. It was always fun. Hang you know especially when we had missed the cut. I mean Ted was always good to hang with. It's not like John. Daly ask you know where you would go and where you would just go into your ran into a wall. And then you'd back up and run through the wall and go. I mean it was in by our standards. It was fairly tame but just sitting around. Just having a giggle and and enjoying life and whatnot. Not Letting not letting anything get you down you know after misguide or or celebrating after after a nice week cabinet evidence solid week or something like that but you know there are some guys that that are very quiet about how they do it but I promise you there's guys out there that are right in the middle of it and they like to have fun. Well who's your caddy that you that it was at Steve. Duplantis Steve duplantis was my caddy for the Kemper. Open win he was my he was Caddy for me for probably about five months five months and I finally said I can't hang with anymore. Yes we're just a bad influence on each out part of it but I I think though in one of my rare mature moments. I figured that you know what probably needs somebody. That's a little more grounded and I went through probably three or four guys so I found the right one and then once I found the right

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