Ripple Races While Bitcoin Builds


What's going on in the markets? Well let me just tell you this shot now yesterday. Let Me Tell. You about Sarah. Yesterday I was Mr Kane shots families. Bright bitcoin breakout tries to a three or four. There was setting up a white white wanted. A out of the work or did this did that. I was doing this thing then. Went right up of mental health. Cut Off Thomas usually like full thirty five o'clock I gotta get out of the House of the mind. I'll just jump in the car and I drive drive down abundant and sit in the car and look at the beach and often. I'll just sit there and listen to radio program that I like to listen to on the news and yet just psych up inside of the car Ima quarantines behind still a bit of a ton and as it turned out yesterday the tried that had a stall pretty much triggered and look back on my hip on. We're GONNA have ended always happens and Monterey obeyed so close to the level pretty much all day and then all of a sudden it went through then. There was a boost up so pulled bucket for cradle white for cradle. That's what I want. I want to get a cradle. And Lo and behold the the booster went one to one and those that took the prophet pretty quickly. I was watching watching always whiting. I didn't know getting any tries on magic yesterday but there was money to be made but today it is a new day and you know what this is part of being tried. Sometimes you doesn't have anything chose day. Great not much volatility but still managed to pull a percent and a half out of the market right. And if I don't do anything else this week but still had a good week. Still Good Wig at one point. Five percent not massive. No Huge Week. But as a prophet. I'm cool with that today. Let's see what we've got. Yes say one opportunity. I didn't get it the day before. Absolutely nothing at all to date today. It's all about two died bitcoin. Six thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars. We still crab walking. We have got ourselves into consolidation wrought now grinding it out and I wanna say a break a really Simon's yesterday guys six nights seven me above six nights so if I give you seven thousand and on will be going out all dollars back in two big I had sold off one third of my bitcoin as the markets. Were fooling just to make sure that I was hedged dwell on my portfolio. I'm going to lose money on that. But that's okay because that was my responsible plant stuck to it. So why did you save? We break above there. I'll be getting back in that consolidation on Bitcoin's looking ready JC. I just wish I had a perfect flat level but thankfully I've got other opportunities in other markets right now for a look at the two shot on big haunch. I spoke to yesterday for anybody. The twist on Youtube so if you're not on Straw to my youtube channel as going to be a lot more content coming at the. Nfl never got more time. I will be putting a lot more free content on Youtube as well. You know at try to call on twitter and fully Craig called on my facebook if you want to keep in contact there as well so two days not looking bearish at the moment which is good. The markets are primed as far as I'm concerned for potential move higher where point one percent on Bitcoin as it stands. The theory was at one point. Zero six percent at one thirty seven dollars and twenty to censor things very slow meandering consolidation. Not much more. Say they're EXA pay? Oh Wow EXA pay. Is this the leader of the market? I can see Rawdon. When did that actually brush? It's broken up in the last hour or sorry. Xl pays now six point two two percent really clearing out of that little consolidation that it was a really really nauseous looking brighter. And did I miss an opportunity? I did there was an actual. Bitcoin bracket their bothe- action on the one hour But you can't have everything will talk. Let's be honest and the taunt that broke for May. This would be perfect for my friends in the Northern Hemisphere those view in in the UK Europe and in the states that broadcast at six. Am this morning and look as much as I do like to get up early in the morning at the moment. I don't really see the need so I didn't get up early and I wasn't there to try six. Am WHOOPS THAT GUY? So it's up six point two three percent of one. Sort seventeen cents. Bitcoin cash twenty two hundred twenty six dollars. Forty five cents. We are up two point. Five percent rotten habit resistance coming in their thirty one spot. Fifteen level is the same level of looking at for a while that resistance east still that Bass Vaidya only top ten token or coin. That he's down one. Seventy two and eight cents down point three eight of a percent pretty crappy looking to lock coin consolidating. So still were at one point. One seven percent thirty nine dollars and seventy two cents else is next on the list. Their resistance is pretty average right now forty mark. I'm not interested in that Toodle thirty currently up one point one of a percent. But it's another one that has broken hired this could be. These could be the latest all the market today. Barnett's five point two percent at twelve dollars and ninety three cents. It has broken to new highs on that four hour turnover be looking at that sedate cod donald that consolidation still thirty cents looking really taty in fact the market. If I can get one more test on that resistance in sorry I'll be looking to get in on the. Bitcoin breakout with sitting at three cents. Flat UP TWO POINT. Two four percent theory classic Half a percent of five dollars and five cents Not the best consolidation to round out the top ten. We're GONNA hit up trauma up three point two three percent and trying with all its mind to push higher. We've got some NAS shot. Structure Coming into these breakout points. Now Ladies and gentlemen we've got a very good day upon us and think well I shouldn't think that I think I just try what I say but I'm pretty happy to what what I'm saying. The monarch hopeful that we do get some Trading conditions today consolidation. That usually breakout with a bit of flying power and push and hopeful that today is going to see the

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