How Sleep Can Be the Missing Key To Your Success


Sleep so often overlooked too when it comes to performance of a business people and folks in general. I think for the last as long as I can remember until really recently in the last couple of years conversation seems sorta about it. It's felt like the thing that people think they could cut. We all know the experience even probably from childhood when we had a bit of time when he was in We needed to make sure it was live on time. You might stay up early. Stop NATO should say get up early to do it so I think it's one of those things that most of us get into a habit of of counting at some point relatively early in our life and maybe it works on a one-off basis that we start to think that maybe that's a small thing to do. Well do we cut it because we actually can get by for a certain period of time really with a lot less or without it? I think you're right. I think if you cut it for one night and say you have USA. You enjoy h how it's suppose you had maybe six for night so long as you catch up all have a pretty solid eight hours or mole the next night. You should be fined. The problem for most of this comes when we cut it every night and then we can catch the weekend and things like that so I think you're right. I think cutting once in a while most of us feel doesn't do any So what does your research show about people that don't get enough sleep. My book is a fusion. If you like of my own experience and Research For my life and a lot of reading and talking to others as well and what it shows is that much as. I've already alluded to that. The first ninety s fine but the back you start to suffer physically and mentally and of all the parts of the brain most affected by lack of sleep. The brain is the one that suffers the west and work. Sheri's off I. It's also the parts of the prefrontal. Cortex THE PART OF THE BRAIN. That does all the stuff of leadership stuff. The main management of key activities that people running small business for example need to master. That's why you get affected quickest. So ironically People sort of sort of people listening to this show who are carrying the burden of running their own business and often thing that maybe cutting sleep too smart. It's very area of the brain that they need most where Sleep is particularly vital because in today's society we don't need rest of our bodies because it's not like we're out in the fields working all day right. We really need the rest of our mind. And that's what sleep enables you to do because I know what I don't get a good night's sleep like last night my mind. The next day is just jumbled. It seems like when I get a good deep sleep and I have. Some great dreams almost relaxes my mind in kind of washes everything out for the next day because I often think the best way to describe it to be the first three or four hours of sleep is a physical recovery. The next three or four hours is more like the mental recovery and a lot of people think they can get by on for the and they can just sort of luck themselves around on a daily basis physically They they they can actually still function not optimally but they can function whereas those of us that really try hard to get seven to eight hours sleep. No the benefits from a mental point of view and it certainly a number of things go on in the brain when your sleeping and one of them much. You're listening to is that you start to integrate your new learnings from the day before. It's almost like you're operating system is up a nightly basis right exactly. Well I also your memories off filed property as well to go hand in hand with that so hopefully you know we learn things where most of us aspire to be lifelong learners. We learn something every day and night. That should then be properly integrated into our knowledge of the world and we can better do different. People actually need different amounts of sleep. Because that's what you hear a lot of like I only need four hours or I really need eight hours. Whatever that is or to human beings really need all the same amount or is it depends on their age Areas when you will in. I'm typically talk about adult sleep when you are a child. You need a lot You know maybe this need. I'll try eighteen hours a day when when I first born and then gradually fourteen year old son who I know observation leave. I also know from reading. He needs at least somewhere between nine and maybe ten and a half hours sleep to function at his best for adults. It's typically seven to eight hours Maybe slightly more based on all the research that is that is being done. It doesn't seem to be that old people necessarily need less sleep the challenge for people who are retired and maybe become sedentary often don't wear themselves out of the day They don't get enough sunlight and actually generally by date. They stopped to sleep worse because they must tied as they they might be The other thing to note which is linked to what you're saying Various that there are definitely locks and owls in this world on that she's a genetic thing so if you're someone who loves the early morning and maybe wants to get to bed a bit The other many other people is part of your your. Dna is part of the way. You're wired I'm a LARK. I know hours five hours. That's pretty very annoying. The other one is always been up in the morning but actually wants to leave the party. Early I mean I'm neither a Lark Owl. I like to sleep. At least eight o'clock they had like a bit eleven o'clock so I don't know what that makes me what Giles one of the questions. I go ahead. People exactly jobs is this really vary by culture isn't a cultural thing. Do Asian folks European folks are American? Folks are South American folks. Does it vary by the kind of culture brought up with the way you approach sleep. I think so in terms of time. certainly living in an people live in Barcelona for example where they always go to bed. Feddie Nice that's the culture and the way the work. I don't think that from a if you like from any other reason for that role in the cultural have it. I don't think there is in terms of the like the genetics between people living in different coastal world. And what do you do when you have particularly bad nights like so for me? I usually have pretty good sleeper but recently I've had some really bad nights and you always want to reach for that Ambien to as the solution. What should you do this multiple things? You can do If he'll challenge is getting off to sleep so you just come in and get your brain is wearing and just can't get to sleep taking taking Bob's example epsom salt ball for any other sort of natural oil or salt. It's a fantastic way of relaxing. That's one great way to get to sleep. Another good way to read and read paper or maybe a kindle but something with low light and make sure that you leave your devices your electric devices and smartphones and ipads and so forth out of the bedroom and look for some lost our so before we get something else. I've used recently. Which really helped me again like you. I'm not pretty good sleep now but I still do have nights when I find difficult is something called White. Hit a blanket. You may have hired about these these Blankets specifically designed to almost simulate what it was like a child when you had before you go to bed or even in the old days when we sent in Europe used to always have sheets and blankets do base you got ta Ta very very tight when he kind of replicate the same thing and they should be somewhere between seven and thirteen percent of your body weight. So I'm just over ninety kilos and I've got a nine kilo blanket on that that's fantastic. I particularly find if I wake up in the middle of the night which is kind of the common thing along with Obviously when I go to bed I WANNA go back to sleep and I really make sure I get a good second part of the sleep. Is it. Well what I'm using that.

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